Frozen pickle juice, a concession stand delicacy.

In Honor of this sweet little boys birthday, I am reposting my favorite post of him!

Ahhh, the allure of the baseball park concession stand. The aroma of fried food, candy and frozen pickle juice???

For a mere 25 cents you can buy frozen gatorade in a tiny 2 oz. little cup, my frugal heart breaks everytime my children blow all their quarters on these. But what happens when the gatorade runs out? The kids, with quarters burning holes in their pockets start buying the frozen pickle juice.

But, what happens when the baby not knowing any better pitches a fit for the frozen pickle juice expecting something sweet?

Let's find out...

We tried to tell him, we tried to hide it, but somewhere in the back of my sick twisted little mind I wanted to see what would happen.

If you scroll down really fast it kinda looks like one of those little flip books from when you were a kid.

Ya'll wouldn't do that to your kids would you?