Upcoming Coupon Workshops!

**Reminder, Workshop this Friday!**

Location: The Woodlands Christian Church. North Millbend Dr. The Woodlands
Cost: $10 Covers Couponing 101 booklet, door prizes and coupons!
Dates: September 17th, Friday at 7:00pm
October 8th, Friday at 7:00pm
November 12th, Friday at 7:00pm
Class: 2 1/2 Hour class covering EVERYTHING! Helping you get started and covering local grocery stores and drug stores. You will leave excited and more confident as a couponer!

Please reserve a spot, as seating is limited.

Workshop Date


andrea said...

Are those your kids in the cart? They're adorable!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

you're a brave Mama for taking all the kids. I drag my feet to take any of them with me. :)

Tiffany said...

They are mine! Goofy kids!

virtuous4-21 said...

I had a question about your coupon class tomorrow and e-mailed you but I haven't heard back. It may have gone in your junk folder. Would you suggest that I go to both your coupon class and then to Kroger's with you the next day? I've already registered for Kroger's.

Tiffany said...


Oh no I am sorry I didn't see your email.
You sure could, they will really be different classes.

virtuous4-21 said...

Thanks so much.