200 Bulbs Shipped Free, + 10% off!

bulbs direct flower deals Bulbs Direct: 200 Flower Bulbs for $11.04 Shipped!
This is one of those deals that I can't pass up. I have a perfect spot in front of my house. Bulbs Direct is have an Easter Special, Buy One Get One Free Sale on their 100 Flower Bulbs click HERE.  When you buy 100 at $12.99, you will get another 100 free!   Use coupon code GN1020059 for 10% off and free shipping, making your total $11.04 shipped. You can't beat that! Thanks Little People Wealth!


Palm Pre wrap up!

So I have had my phone for a month now and I can say that I have had a really good chance to try it out. I took it camping, to the rodeo, all over Houston and shopping almost every day. I really LOVE it.

I was going to drop the data package after this month and of course I am now so completely hooked that I can't possibly live without it. I really can't tell you the number of times I was in a store, had forgotten a deal, and pulled it up on my phone. I am convinced that although I have to pay the extra every month that for the convinced and the money that I saved being able to find a deal last minute that I really might come out ahead.

Actually, last night Paul went to Walgreens at midnight to make copies off a disk for our daughters Flat Stanley project, due of course today. The total was $10. 50 for the pictures, he quickly googled a coupon code and got them for $3.50. I was VERY impressed! Good Man.

I was also able to answer my email asap which was nice, I felt like during those times I am waiting in the car for the kids, and during baseball practice when I am just sitting there I felt so much more productive.

All in all it was a great experience I highly recommend this phone (in fact my husband got one a few weeks ago) it is easy to learn, very "cool" looking, and quick to use. I love the "mirror" on the back, whether it was meant to be there or not, I LOVE it.

Fine print: Verizon provided me a phone and 1 month of service for my review. These opinions are all mine and I could have said anything I wanted too!

Target: A few more good deals!

How do you like that Target picture, could I get it any bigger!

If you are headed to target make sure to check out all the new target printables HERE.

A few good match-ups would include (Thanks Southern Savers):
Crest 3D Whitestrips 10 ct $22.49
-$10 off Crest Whitestrips RP 3/28 (store coupon)
-$10 off Crest 3D Whitestrips any RP 3/21
(use both makes it $2.49)
(thanks Phillis!)
There is the possibility that the coupon is only for the 10ct. depending on your area, and the 14ct. is priced higher.

Brita Pitcher 6cup size $13.99
-$5 off Brita printable (store coupon)
-$4 off Brita printable
(use both makes it $4.99)
Make sure to scroll through all the coupons to find the Brita one. 


Kohl's Toon T.V. $15.99 down from $79.99!

Thanks to my sweet friend Ramsey for this great deal!

At Kohl's you can score this cool Fisher Price Toon Tv click HERE to take a look!

The original price is $79.99 and right now it's on sale for $15.99. If you use the code NEW6381 you can get an extra 10% off. (I didn't verify the code so I'm not 100% sure it works)

Just thought I'd pass along a good deal :)


Twilight Fans out there??

I see another few days of isolation in my room ignoring my family...
Great news for any Twilight fans out there, Stephanie Meyer just announced a new book in the series. No it is not Midnight Sun (I know I was kinda mad when I read that too) but instead it is The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.  This new book is going to be released on June 5th but you can pre-order it from Borders at 33% off, just pay $9.44 (get it shipped to the store as well to get free shipping). The nice part is that for the first 1.5 million books that are purchased they will donate to the American Red Cross. Thanks Courtney! 

Also Stephanie Meyer says that she will post it online for FREE from June 7th at noon till July 5th at
this site. I will remind you when it gets closer so you can read it for Free, I know I will be!

*HOT* deal on Crocs!

WOW! Great Deals on Crocs!
here then click on the Outlet to get these Girl's Mary Jane shoes for $9.99, plus a free Jibbitz, plus FREE Shipping!  This deal is even better...just use coupon code: CROCSAFF25 and they will be $7.49 SHIPPED! Thanks Courtney!


Toys R Us FREE My Little Ponies!!

Can it really be true?? More awesome deals at Toys R Us? What are they trying to do to me? I have been in a Toys R us more in the past week than I have every Christmas season combined....

I got an email from Toys R Us advertising My Little Pony Buy 1 Get 1 FREE tomorrow, Wednesday March 31st. Combine that with the B1G1 Printable Coupon from Hasbro and you get 2 FREE Ponies -- just pay tax! Thanks Courtney!

Here are a couple deal scenarios:

Scenario #1:
Buy 2 My Little Pony and Friends Single Assortments $5.99 each
Total = $11.98
Minus bogo sale (will deduct $5.99)
Plus, use the buy one get one FREE coupon from here or from the 3/21 SS (will deduct another $5.99)
Final cost both toys FREE!

**If you have any issues, explain to the cashier that you are getting one item free from the stores sale and one item free from the manufacturer! The store is NOT losing out because a coupon should be treated the same way as cash!

Scenario #2:
Buy My Little Pony Ponyville Ferris Wheel Playset Assortment priced around $19.99
Buy My Little Pony Newborn Cuties Family Convertible $19.99
Total = $39.98
Minus bogo sale = $19.99
Use 2 $5/1 coupons from here or from the 3/21SS
Final cost ONLY $9.99 for both– just $5 per toy!!


Target: Hasbro Games for Cheap!

Thanks to MDM for these deals. I am posting them because of the Walmart post below for games also. At either place you should be able to get some games for free!

Target has a sale on Hasbro games and when you buy one listed you can get a FREE Monopoly Deal or Scrabble Slam Card Game. *Look for specially marked card games that have the $5.00 coupon inside.

Here are a few scenarios:

Buy Bop It, $14.00 and get Monopoly Deal Card Game, $5.39
- Use (3/21 SS) save $5.00 or printable here
- Use Printable coupon save $5.00 - any Monopoly Game
- *Target will deduct $5.39 for the FREE Card Game
Final price, $1.00

Buy Connect 4x4, $14.00 and get Monopoly Deal Card Game, $5.39
- Use (3/21 SS) save $5.00 or printable here
- Use Printable coupon save $5.00 - Monopoly Game or q from inside Card Game
- *Target will deduct $5.39 for the FREE Card Game
Final price, $2.00

Buy Battleship, $14.00 and get Monopoly Deal Card Game, $5.39
- Use printable here save $4.00
- Use Printable coupon save $5.00 - Monopoly Game or q from inside Card Game
-*Target will deduct $5.39 for the FREE Card Game
Final price, $2.00

*You can substitute Scrabble Slam for Monopoly Deal by using the coupons inside the card games of the previous purchase if you are able to find them!

Buy Pictureka Flipper, on clearance at our Target for $9.54 and Monopoly Deal or Scrabble Slam, $5.39
- Use coupon inside card game, save $5.00
- Use Printable coupon save $5.00 - Monopoly Game or q from inside Card Game
-*Target will deduct $5.39 for the FREE Card Game
Final price, FREE plus $0.46 overage

*If you are new to overage, Target will not allow you to be negative so make sure that you add something to the transaction to cover the $0.46!

* I fixed the links...

Walmart: Hasbro Board Games Cheap + 97 items free or under $1!

** I clicked on the coupon database above and typed in "Hasbro" there are quite a few coupons available for different games! You should be able to pick up some cheap or even free games this week!

Thanks Heather K. For the email!
"Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know that when I went to Walmart yesterday all their hasbro card games (scrabble slam, monopoly, etc) were on sale for only $4. Seem to be marked down. "

Also, don't forget if you are going to Walmart to click HERE to see Kristins list of 97 items that are either FREE or under $1!

Cold Water Creek 70% off + More!

If you have not shopped at Cold Water Creek you might want to take a look. They have very high quality clothes that are super cute! Go HERE to take a look at everything you can get for 70% off! You can use either coupon code to take the 70% off at checkout!

Use Offer Code AFLA187
This is the coupon code: WHH5238'

Thanks so much for the email Ruffles and Ribbons (she has a cute facebook page)

I went through Shop At Home to get an additional 4% cash back and used coupon code WHP1158 (not confirmed still working...) for an additional 25% off my total purchase basically giving me free shipping. 


Giveaway Winner's for the Kroger Cards!

I LOVED reading all your comments. I can't believe how many of you live in Houston, we should all take the kiddo's to the zoo sometime!
The winners of the Kroger gift cards, as chosen by chubby little hands are...

Sunshine of Autum Quilts
we just got off our Spring Break, we did not go anywhere, but stayed home and worked in the house. My two boys changed bedrooms- I redid both and worked on some furniture remodeling for my oldests room, which came out wonderful. My husband and I continued to work on a spare room that will be our storage pantry for stockpiling. It is getting closer but probably have a couple more weekends before it is all done.- Great giveaway

Well, my kids are 3, 1 and 3 months...so I don't really get a spring break yet:-( But I hope to see a few of my teacher friends who will have the week off.
PS...if I win the gift card I'll be giving it to a friend who's husband is in school full time and she's a stay at home mom. She could use the extra $25 for groceries.

Congratulations Ladies! Shoot me an email with your snail mail address so I can get these to you!

Easy Easter Craft-Bunny (repost)

I can't remember where I first saw these but it was years ago. At least 15 because I have been making them that long. I love them because they are cheap and the kids can make them. You non-crafty types (me included) YOU can make these in under 23 seconds, thats the record!
Take a cheap hand towel, I like white. The cheaper and thinner the better. They have them in packs at Wal-Mart for like 10 for $6
Fold one corner up like you are making a bandana.
Keep folding...
When it is all rolled up, fold it in half.
Next, now this is the hardest part, take the open ends (the ears) and fold it back almost half way. This is making the bunny face and ears.
Take a rubber band and secure the little face of the bunny. I had to use a hair tie because I used a heavier wash cloth, the thinner clothes can be done with a rubber band. Twist it around a few times so it is tight. Now pull the ears up a bit, and your done!
Tie a ribbon around the rubber band so you can't see it.
If I had all the supplies I usually give him some googly eyes, a little pompom nose and a little pompom tail. But I didn't want to pull out the glue gun. I think he is cute as it!
I stick a plastic egg in the little hole behind his ears, it is a perfect spot to hold something. I am using these as name sign for Easter dinner. I am putting everyones names on the eggs and putting a bunny by every plate. 
They are cute and less than $1 each to make. Can you beat the 23 second record?? 

What traditions do you have for Easter?


CVS: Huggies Cheap!

It seems that at CVS this week the little red boxes where you scan your card are giving out $2/10 coupons! This is how to make your Huggies deal even better!

2 Huggies or Pull-Ups
Price with card:  2/$17.78 or $8.89 each
Use: $3.00/1 printable coupon 
Use: $2.00/$10.00 purchase coupon (kisok inside of store should print one fore you) 
TOTAL: $9.78
You will earn $5.00 ECBFinal Price: Like paying $4.78/2 or $2.39 each after coupon and ECB
Limit 1 per household



CVS: *HOT* Stayfree deal!

I double-dog dare someone to send their husband in to do this deal for them... any takers?

As you may already know, CVS has a March Extra Care Buck deal available on Stayfree or Carefree Pads (14-24ct) or Pantiliners (38-60ct). Buy one package for $3.99 and get a $2 Extra Care Buck (limit of 4 per card)! Thanks Collin for the heads up!

Well, you can sweeten this deal further, by using the new $2/1 Stayfree coupon that was available in yesterday’s 3/28 RP! You can also use the buy one get one free coupon from the 1/3 RP to turn this into a serious moneymaker! The limit is 4 on this deal.

Deal Scenario:

Buy 4 Stayfree pads $3.99 each = $15.96
Use 2 buy one get one free coupons from the 1/3 RP
Plus, use 2 $2/1 coupons from the 3/28 RP (for the pads you’re not getting free)
Pay $3.98
Get back an $8 Extra Care Buck

Final cost 4 packages for FREE + a $4.02 Moneymaker!!

** Check in the coupon database for a Stayfree printable coupon!


Palm Pre and the Elizabethan Insult Generator

Since we were talking about apps, or I guess I was boring you with that one... My Husband has a new favorite app. Both of us have the new Palm Pre Plus, Paul has gone a little app crazy.
 I shared the story of the very useful GPS app on our trip. This one is on the other end of the spectrum, that is of course unless you get trapped in a tractor beam at a Renaissance Festival. 
The app you ask? The “Elizabethan Insult Generator”. Oh yes, it does exist. Have you ever been walking down the street and had this directed at you? “ Thou be an errant bat-fowling fustilarian” and been stumped? You were just called an aimless, bird catching scoundrel. Who knew?
 Have you been driving down the street minding your own business and heard “Thou art a jarring unchin-snouted flirt-gill? You have just been told that you are a  truly rasping, urchin- beaked loose woman. Worry no more, if you are ever stuck in that tractor beam not only will you be able to translate the insult, you can let one fly back at them! Don't think we haven't been taking advantage of this one. What else is there to do when you have 6 kids, one on the way and your wife gets rid of the cable.... torture her, of course!
P.S. Thank you for all the concerned emails about the Chippendale Dancer of the month app that he (my caring husband) downloaded on my phone. Yes, I had to take my phone into the Verizon store and have the nice young man at the counter remove it from my phone. Yes, I drug all 6 kids in with me when I did it and my VERY pregnant self. I was waiting for the Verizon guy to ask me the standard, "you know how this happens right?" pointing at the kids, but he didn't... then again, he was REMOVING a Chippendale Dancer of the month app from my phone. No comments were needed.

The Fine Print: Verizon provided me with my Palm Pre and one month of service. 

Toys R Us Awesome deal!

A HUGE thanks to reader Lora (check out her etsy shop!) for this great tip at Toys R Us!

I wanted to make sure you knew about the Toys R Us deal going on right now.  I was there (in Phoenix, AZ) this morning and their Rose Petal Cottage series is currently marked 70% off of their clearance prices.  So I scored the cottage (reg price $100) for $14.99, the Cherry Blossom Market (reg $70) for $10.49.  They had about 20 Markets left at the store, and I bought 4 of them, so I could use them for birthday parties for my daughters’ friends, etc.  I’ve been wanting to buy these for at least a year, and am glad I waited until today.  

I’ve been a bargain-hunter for a while and this is one of the best deals I’ve found.  I hope you find this to be helpful.  (Their website only shows a few of the smaller items left.) 

** I just ran up to my Toys R Us at The Woodlands mall and scored big!! They had the Market down to $10.45 from $59.99 and I got a bunch of the food priced at $5 a box it was $16.99! SUPER DEAL! They also had the Castle regular price $199 marked at $30. There were 2 left, I don't have room for it but some little girl would love it!


My Kroger Trip!

After going to Walgreens with 3 little kids I thought I would torture them a little more and drag them through Kroger with out a plan, that means taking a longer time and me looking through my coupon binder a lot!

What the heck is up with the picture??? Sorry if you can't see it! I am not sure why it is showing up for some and not others...

Anyway, My total was $81.46, I saved $75.02 so about half. Not bad for no plan!

Don't forget to use your $.50 off a snickers coupon, they expire the 31st. It makes 2 free at Kroger.
Plus, the lucnchables were free with coupon and the new yoplait Greek yogurts were only $.14 with  coupon! Bugles are $.50 with coupon.

** Also, I want to say "Hi!" to the reader I met in the store ( I said your name all the way home so I would remember it and sure enough when I got here I forgot!! I am Sorry!) I love meeting people saving money!

My Walgreens Trip!

Today is Monday, and my turn to drive for ballet, so I made my token trip to Walgreen! Thank goodness my favorite checker was there.... the only one in the area who is friendly. 

I made 4 transactions. My total out of pocket was $15.65.

Transacion #1
Dulcolax $10.00
Dove Shampoo $4
Used: $4 Ducolax coupon
Total : $10.33
Got back $10 RR and $4 RR

Transaction #2
Womens Vitamins $3
Dove Conditioner $4
Dentek Floss $2
Tuff Bags $4.99
Angel Soft TP $3.50
Used: $10 RR, $4 RR
Total due: $3.53
Got Back $3 RR, $4 RR, $2 RR

Transaction #3
Simply Saline $7
Angel Soft Tp $3.50
Gift Bag (filler) $.25
Used: $3 RR, $4 RR, $2 RR
Total Due: $1.79
Got Back $7 RR

Transaction #4
2 Angel Soft TP $7
Used: $7 RR
Total : $0!!


Menu Plan Monday

I am telling you, spring sports season always kills us on meal plans. Especially because we have had so much rain, the kids games and practices have been rescheduled so many times and at the last minute that we are all over the place at dinner time. I think we have had sandwiches more this spring than the entire rest of the year combined!

Friday I made a HUGE batch of homemade granola and threw in everything but the kitchen sink as far as freeze dried fruits and nuts. I have been eating that almost 2-3 times a day since. It is so easy to make and so good! You can see the recipe HERE. I more than tripled it.

Monday Dinner:
Pork Chops, salad and fruit.

Tuesday Dinner: (girls have games... boys have scouts)
Something quick, I am thinking Harvest soup with Rhodes rolls.

Wednesday: (again, baseball and softball)
Taco TVP's (husband's speciality) and fruit.

Thursday Dinner: (son headed out for scout camping, girls games)
Pizza, I am switching, we usually have it on Friday's but it's my sons favorite and he won't be here Friday! Also, I am craving fruit like a mad woman so I am sure we will have a fruit salad also!

Friday Dinner: 
I am going to see what you guys are having and go from there!

What are you having this week?

Last Chance - Kroger Gift Card Giveaway!

Don't forget....
Today is the last day to enter to win one of 2 $25 gift cards to Kroger!
My kids are going to pick the winners tonight before they go to bed.
Click HERE to enter!



Target: Awesome Curious George DVD Deal!

How fun is this deal! Target has the Curious George 2 DVD on sale for just $6.99 this week— which is already a great price… but here’s how you can sweeten it further. Specially marked (everyone that was there had the offer logo on it...) Curious George 2 DVDs have codes inside to score $5 in FREE groceries! Just buy the DVD and then go here to enter your special code. After doing so, you’ll need to fill in your mailing info and $5 in grocery cash will be sent to you in about 2-4 weeks! It comes in the form of a credit card with $5 on it!
…So after you get the $5 in grocery cash, you’ll have really snagged the Curious George 2 DVD for just $1.99!

*HOT* Walgreens deals!

The deals are hot at Walgreens this week.  There’s a few money makers.  In general I try to use moneymaker deals to buy the items that cost me money like: toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags or diapers.  Here are a few scenarios to get this stuff for cheap:
First Transaction

Dove Shampoo $4
Dulcolax $10
Use $1.50/1 Dove coupon from 3/28 RP insert
Pay $8.50 plus tax out of pocket and earn one $4RR and one $10RR back
Second Transaction

Dove Conditioner $4 (since it is rolling)
Viva Paper towels $5.99
Ultra Tuff Trashbags $3.99
Dentex Floss $2
Walgreens Multivitamin $3
Use $1.50/1 Dove coupon from 3/28 RP insert
Use $1/1 DenTek Floss Pick or Floss 1/17/2010 SS Insert (exp 3/31/2010)
Use $0.40/1 Viva paper towel coupon from 2/21 SS insert
Use $10 Dulcolax RR
Use $4 Dove RR
Pay $2.08 plus tax out of pocket and get back $4 RR from dove $2RR from dentek and $3 RR from Walgreens vitamins
Now if you wanted to keep on going you could:
Third Transaction

Buy one Dulcolax $10
Buy one Dove Hair scare product $4
Buy four Easter tumblers $0.12 each after in ad coupon (fillers)
Use $1.50/1 Dove coupon from 3/28 RP insert
Use $4 dove RR
Use $3 Walgreens vitamin RR
Use $2 Dentek RR
Pay $0.00 plus tax out of pocket and get back $14 in RRs
Then you could re-do transaction #2 (replace the trash bags and Viva paper towels with two Cottonelles) and use your overage to get toilet paper this time.  What do you think?  What are your plans for this week?
Note:  These scenarios will only work while the Dove RR is rolling.
Thanks Common Sense with Money!