Season's Over...

Not only is the baseball season over but it appears that blueberries are done as well. What a sad day. Not enough rain and over picking have ended it early :(

Even sadder is the end of baseball season for us. Regular season was done a few weeks ago and all-stars finished last night. Everyday practices are done, every night games are done, and the stress of a double elimination tournament is over. 

I love my little ones getting filthy dirty at games and practices, playing in the dirt, and falling asleep on the way home.
I love my bigger girls making new friends with the other players little sisters, and playing for hours during the summer evenings, outside.
I love watching them help each other, the older ones running the littler ones to the bathroom, and making sure they don't get too far away.
I love watching them make up new games, like 'what kind of treasure can I find under the bleachers. '
I am sad to see how big they are getting right before my eyes, but how much they are learning watching other kids play and how much better it makes them as ball players.

I love my little boy running and playing with his sisters, and watching his big brother.
I love watching my son get better.
I love watching him get stronger.
I love the handsome coach/score keeper extraordinaire.

I love how hard their team worked.
Congratulations 11 year old major all-stars! You guys are awesome!

See you next fall, I can't wait!