What a Sweet Dad

This is one of those "I've been meaning to" blogs that I haven't blogged yet. I love family traditions and think they're important to have, and my husband started one for our family that I think it very unique (and precious). A few years ago for Valentines day we stayed home instead of going out (funny how that happens when you have six kids). So Paul got creative, gave me the night off and made a beautiful candle lit gourmet dinner for the entire family. The kids LOVED it! The next year he was planning on getting a sitter and taking me out until the kids started talking excitedly about "Are we going to do that again, Dad!?" And that's how the tradition started.
This year was beautiful, the girls (and Rush) all went to Mardi Gras in the morning while Tucker was at practice, and then we all came home for dinner (My sister and her husband opted for dinner with us-apparently waiting 3 hours for any restaurant was not going to settle with Jeff). Paul made an amazing romantic meal, with name plates, rose petals, and candles everywhere. The kids all got a giant Hershey Kiss (Storie freaked out when she figured out it was entirely chocolate) and we got them Madagascar2 to watch together as soon as dinner was done. This year all the kids each told Dad and I something they loved about us as well! And they didn't just say, "Because you gave us giant Hershey Kisses!"
So dinner was beautiful, and this is one of the favorite holidays for our kids because of how special Dad makes it! Do you have any ideas for unique family traditions?


Lori from British Columbia, Canada said...

I love your idea for Valentine's Dinner. Sounds much more 'romantic' than waiting in long lines or paying a fortune just because your dinner happened to land on February 14th. Can't think of any traditions right off the bat, but I am sure we have them. Great blog!

Mach Momma said...

I find that traditions help keep me on track. Its part of my job to create happy memories for my children. One we use for St. Patricks Day is setting out a trap to catch a lepruchaun. We use Lucky Charms as bait.
Easter week is a biggy at our house. We start with Palm Sunday and everyday talk about what Jesus did the last week of his life. Ending with a traditional PassOver Feast Friday. Then the commercialism of an easter egg hunt Saturday and "Tomb Cookies" Saturday Night.
I have kidlets of all ages now.23,16,13,9,3,and 1. But they never tire of their crazy mom doing crazy things. For instance, how many 16 year old boys ( who have a tongue ring) would go to 3 different cemetaries on Decoration Day (Memorial Day)to put flowers on th e graves of their deceased ancestors. Yay, I have pretty great kids.