Catalina didn't print? This is what you do.

What to do when your Catalina does not print...

There is nothing more frustrating than doing a deal and your Catalina does not print. When this happens you have a few things that you can do.

When a Catalina does not print, ask the cashier... or head over to Customer Service. Get a Manager if you need to. Don't be shy about it... Catalina's can be really high value after all!
~ I always double check with an add if possible that I was supposed to get one.

If they don't know or are less than helpful make a choice to either return the order completely (get your coupons back) or you can contact Catalina directly.

Catalina can be reached at 888-826-8766 and press 3. (Write this number in your phone book, trust me you'll need it one day.)

They can look up the transaction by receipt and clubcard number.

I have found the folks at Catalina to be really helpful, last time I had a problem the store was offline and they mailed me my Catalinas.
Thank you Louise for the Catalina info!

~ What is a Catalina?
Catalina Category Marketing (CCM) rewards purchases of promoted products with “catalinas”, also known as “check-out coupons”. These offer incentives good on your next shopping trip to that retailer. There is usually a 4-week window on any given program/incentive promotion.

~ Are catalinas manufacturer's coupons or store coupons?
Generally, they are manufacturer's coupons, although occasionally one will state that it is a Store Coupon. The manufacturer's coupon catalinas are not able to be combined with other manufacturer's coupons.

In other words, if you have a catalina for $1.00/2 product X and also an insert coupon for $1.00/2, you would need to purchase 4 of the product in order to use both coupons.

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