Pork Ribs in the crock pot and Toll House Pie.

Yesterday when I posted the roll recipe I said we ate them with the pork ribs. Here is the recipe for that. It doesn't get any easier!

Whatever meat is on sale, I work our meals around that. This large 4 lb. pack was $8.37 perfect size and price for us.
I threw the ribs in the 'ol crock pot, salt and peppered them, then poured an entire can of Coke over the whole thing. I have used Dr. Pepper in the past, any dark soda will work.

Turned it on high for 2 hours than backed it down to low for 4 more. After 6 hours I pour ALL the liquid off the ribs, and dump a jar of Bar-B-Que over them, so they get glazed. Sweet Baby Ray's is my favorite. Now this is where life took over and I forgot to take a picture of the final product. It was serve the children dinner or get my arm chewed off by one of them.

But this is what they looked like....
This is how my husband ended up eating his because the rolls were so stinking AWESOME! It was good, none left for today, darn, I have to cook again!

Someone will have to revive me from my sugar coma!



Telly said...

Let us know how the toll house pie goes! That was my favorite dessert at my college cafeteria and I can't seem to recreate it at home! :)

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Okay, I made my pulled pork differently but I do believe we had the same dinner tonight. Except for the pie.

But it's still early.

The Mom said...

The toll house pie was really good. Very rich, I followed Bakarella's recipe, I think I would cut the amount of butter next time, it was VERY greasy!

Telly said...

Awesome! Thanks! I will give it a try!

Nikki McKnight said...

That is almost the same way I fix ribs in the crock pot. We love it! Also, Toll House Pie = My favorite!

M and W said...

That pie was so GOOD!