Vlog for my CVS trip 9-26

I thought I would do a video of my trip to CVS so that you could see some examples of how to make a transaction.

It sounded like a good idea.... before I spent all day at my kids baseball and softball games in the 90 degree heat. I should have showered, put on make up and wore a formal for you, but I am a real person and just didn't have the time!

Onto the deals!

Transaction #1
4 Tide at $6 each
1 Dawn at $1 each
Used a $5/25 CVS purchase HERE
Used 4 $1/1 Tide coupons from todays P&G insert
Used 1 $1/1 Dawn from home mailer
Used $10 ECB from last week
Total: $5.31 Got back $10 in ECB's

This is where I made a mistake... I wanted my total to be over $10 after coupons, so I could use my $10 ECB from the 1st purchase, but wasn't paying attention because of the camera :)

Transaction #2
1 Razor at $9.99
1 Toothbrush $.99
2 CVS cashew at $.99 each
Used $2/10 CVS coupon
Used $2 off 2 CVS nuts
Used $4 razor coupon from P&G today
Total was $5.36 Got back $6 back in ECB's $5 of the razor and $1 for the toothbrush

Then I did this same transaction with my husbands card.

Wasn't it interesting how the cashier was asking me questions about their program!

**Don't forget to check back tomorrow at 12pm central time for my Blog Talk Radio show on how to start shopping at CVS. You can listen live from my blog.



RM said...

this is really great! I appreciate it! I have yet to get excited about drug store coupons...this helped!

Jen said...

Thanks. Very informative. I am going to try scanning my card at the reader this week and see if our CVS works the same way.

Kristin said...

Wow. That was a great video. You look so young! I thought you looked great!

mom said...

the $2.00 of 10.00 is it for anything in the store I thought it was only on there stuff .. ?? please let me know sandy ps I did the frist order :)

GirlHouse said...

Thank you soooo much for doing this for us!!

The Mom said...

mom~ I got 2 different 2/10's from each card. One was any 2 off 10 and one was 2 off CVS brand purchase. Keep scanning your card I wish I knew how it worked.

.:Anna:. said...

hey this is a good video!!!

M and W said...

that was really helpful! Good idea.

cristiniscouponcrazy said...

that was really nice of you to make..i should make a video its a great idea! im suprised that cashier asked u about how u got the ecb!lol

twanda said...

You looked so calm, cool and collect!


Great video and very informative. I love CVS (i never did before i got re-addicted to couponing) ... I had no idea they had so many deals. Thanks for all the great info you give us on your blog!

ohhollyf said...

You are so cute with your Southern twang ! This is my process too and I think it's brillant you made this video, your cashier seemed to be a real sweetheart.

The Queen said...

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering about holding up the line. You are cute! :)

Gloria said...

This is a great video, and I am new to couponing. I have been trying to get the other videos that were posted on the old site and have been unable to. I can get to the "Organizing Coupons" video but it only stays on for about 6 seconds and then switches over to your other site. Please help!