Burts Bees grab bags are back!

I just ordered a grab bag from Burts Bees, I love their products and have heard the grab bag is awesome! They are priced at $25 with a MSRP of $50. Plus when you purchase $25 you get a FREE replenishing lip balm with Pomegranate Oil, and if you use the promo code WINNER you get FREE $6 cuticle cream.

The Grab Bag contains...

  • 6 Regular-Sized Products:
  • Lip Shimmer Merlot
  • Lip Shimmer Toffee
  • Replenishing Lip Balm
  • Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Spearmint & Lime Body Wash (4 oz)
  • Nourishing Body Lotion (3 oz)
  • 12 Mini-size:
  • Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath
  • All-in-One Wash
  • Lip Gloss Red
  • Lip Gloss Nude
  • Natural Skin Care for Men Soap
  • Peppermint Soap
  • Citrus Spice Soap
  • Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap
  • Orange Essence Facial Cleanser
  • Peppermint Foot Lotion
  • Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar
  • Therapeutic Bath Crystals
  • 4 Special Gifts:
  • Bamboo Poof
  • Burt's Bees Gardener's Gloves
  • Red Wristlet Bag
  • Lip Balm Clip-On
My total SHOULD HAVE BEEN $27.02 with free shipping and the free gift. But, at the last minute I forgot to type in the coupon code and I paid $2.95 for shipping! AUGGHHH!

This is a great Christmas present for a certain person.... cross that name off the list!

**Update, it looks like the free shipping code isn't working. I took a screen shot of their add and sent it to them asking what was up? But you can still get the FREE lip balm and FREE cuticle cream (promo code WINNER) at checkout.


Robyn said...

says the code BURTDAY is invalid? did it take yours okay?

The Mom said...

Umm, ok I am a looser and totally forgot to even put it in, I had to pay $2.95 for shipping. So I am not sure why it isn't taking it.. Did it give you the free lip balm or is that not working also??

Robyn said...

i haven't checked out yet, but the free lip balm is there..(it added $3 then gave s discount) i guess 2.95 if an okay thing...that's a lot of burts stuff for $25, I'll probably split it out and give part as gifts! thanks

The Mom said...

Wait Robyn!!! Use the code WINNER to get more free stuff!

Robyn said...

shoot, i missed out on that! it wouldn't take the "BURTDAY" code and i tried several times. it ended up charging me $2.95 for shipping and I got hit with $2.30 for sales tax! so it was $30.25! Oh well, $5! still excited about it!

The Mom said...

This is what I did... I called customer service and told them that I forgot to add the promo code for the cuticle cream. They told em it takes 24 hours for them to even get the order and if I called back tomorrow and asked them to apply the promo code that they could. So if I remember :) I am calling tomorrow to get my cuticle cream, I would rather have that at $6 than the free shipping at $2.95