Cheap candy and coffee at Walgreens

I don't drink coffee, but if you do this is a great deal.
Save $1/1 Maxwell House Flavor Lock Lid Product:
IE or Firefox. Walgreens has these on a buy one at $4.89, get one FREE sale! Use 2 $1/1 coupons from above and get each one for just $1.45! What a great deal on coffee!
(Thanks, Shannon!)

Also, Ashley emailed about finding clearance candy bars at Walgreens! She said the 3/$1 small Hershey's candy bars (cookies & cream, milk chocolate, raspberry & double crisp), near the registers, rang up at just $0.08 each! Let us know if these are ringing up less at your local Walgreens too!

Thanks Hip 2 Save!


Sandra Mitchell said...

U indicated use 2 1/1 coupons above, but i dont see any above... Help! Looking for the maxwell coffee coupons for walgreens...

The Mom said...


Click on the blue IE ( for internet Explorer ) or the blue firefox and it will take you to a page where you can print the coupons.

Anything that is in blue or a different color is usually a link to the website or coupon. Do you have the coupon printer installed on your computer? It will instruct you how to install it if you don't.

As soon as you print the coupon, hit your back button twice to print another one. This is how you get two coupons.

Sandra Mitchell said...

sounds pretty simple, but its still not working. It prints out the infor.but not inthe form of a coupon. do you know if the stores would accept it like so? Ive installed the coupon printer??!!!Ill try this on another computer..thanks much:)

The Mom said...


I am sorry you are having trouble! I just went to try and print it and it gave me the "need to install" coupon printer page. Soooo, because I am using Safari as my browser I had to change the vg to xs and it just printed out just fine!

Here is the link to what I am talking about.

if you still have any questions please email me at mylitter@mac.com

I don't think that they will take anything without a barcode :(


Walgreens is now selling the best energy candy in the world, my husband and i love it. Its called Kabang Energy Candy it contains 100% vitamin b6, b12, c, plus ginseng and NO CAFFEINE and its only .59 cents and two pieces for a $1.00