Deal ideas at Target this week!

Over at Deal Finding Chik, a reader sent her these deal ideas for Target this week.
Thanks to a reader for sharing her Target deals with us!
She did two different transactions! Here's what she got!

That means EVERYTHING above only cost $1.27! WOW!
What an awesome Target Trip!!!!

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Electra said...

Thanks so much for publishing this list! My Target is not very well stocked on small items like the Renu, but I went out today and did very well! Using the suggested coupons, I got a box of Snuggle, six tubs of baby wipes, two packs of Wet Wipes, and five bottles of apple juice for 10.69, and then got the five dollar gift card! It feels so good to look at the bottom of the receipt and see "You saved $26.25"!