Growing up!

Well I am a little bummed, I was trying to keep track and do something special when it came time to post my 1,000th post. But it came and went and I missed it! So in honor of my 1008th post I am re-posting my 3rd post that I ever did!

Makes total sense right? Re-post the 3rd post on the 1008th post? Oh well, even if it doesn't make sense it is an excuse to post a shameful "look at how cute my kids is" post!

If you happen to be around a certain three year old and she utters those words it could get dangerous. Storie always says, "I'm growing up!" when she has to burp. I think that started because she thought she had to "throw up" one time, but discombobulated the words.

There was one time when she kept telling me she had to "grow up" in the grocery store. I kept telling her "go ahead but not too fast..." Well, she turned her head and "grew up" all over Paige in one of those cool three seater kid grocery carts. Paul and I pulled it off really well. We acted like nothing happened and managed to clean it up in front of 100 other shoppers that had no idea anyone just "grew up."

Tonight when we were eating dinner she was arguing about whether or not her steak was chicken and whether or not she could have ketchup on it... she scrunched her little body up and down and told us "I'm trying to grow up!" She didn't "grow up" or anything but it was hysterical.

Don't let the beautiful angelic face fool you... last week when we went to the Blue Bell factory I was getting angry and telling the kids to get in the car. Storie leaned up against the car, looked right at the big kids with her hand on her hip and said, " Get in the DAMNED car now!"
I just about died.


A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

All right. You talked me into it. I'll take that one, too.

As long as she doesn't try to "grow up" on me.

Hillori said...

I need to take her with me when it's time for us to load up!

Tracy said...

What a cutie. I love your real-life stories.

Mach Momma said...

My 3 year old said "damn" last night at Sunday dinner. We all looked at her and then everyone looked at ME.
What little darlings.
I can't believe you've done 1000 posts. I remember you celebrating your 20th. lol

Joy said...

Taking time to look around your blog today. Yesterday was too crazy. What a cutie. I loved reading about her.
Do you have a Paige too. So do I.

(so much in common haha)

One of my friends is suppose to come to your coupon class. I told her to take notes for me since I'm out of town.