School lunch ideas.

I slice them once through the middle and flip the top off, then I add the mayo and mustard.

Next, comes the ham and cheese.

Then I flip it over and cut 6 sandwiches.

I have not found any good deals lately on pudding or jello so I have been making my own for almost nothing. I have a bunch of the small ziplock containers, I make either jello or pudding the night before and toss them in their lunches the next day.

The trick is getting them to remember to bring back the container, or not leaving it in their backpacks!
This day we had grapes, juice, turkey and cheese sandwiches and rice krispie treats or a 100 calorie bar.

Today they had Capri Suns, clementines, ham and cheese and pudding.

Tuesday the had Juicy Juice, apples, granola bars, peanut butter and honey and a couple kids grabbed rice krispy treats.

I try and stay under $4-5 dollars a day for all lunches. So about $20 - $25 a week on lunches. I buy bread and rolls on sale and freeze them. In August and then again this week at Randalls I bought 13 packages of string cheese for under $.75 a bag, then I freeze and pull out every few days. I also freeze lunch meat and load up when I get it on sale. The snacks are always very cheap at Kroger mega events. We go through an enormous amount of fruit, I always try and price match it at Wal-Mart. The kids eat fruit for breakfast, lunch, snack and after dinner... I actually have to hide any kind of berries and the little clementines. They can eat 5 lbs of clementines in one sitting.

I would love to hear what you make for lunches!



cristiniscouponcrazy said...

this was great to read! i am not a mom..yet..but i love that sandwhich idea. also my aunt has been freezing lunchmeat forever. and recently my dad had gotten way too much ham and cheese. so he portioned enough out for 3 sandwhiches and froze it so i could take it the following weekend to my fiance's to make grilled ham and cheese and tomato soup. i took it out of the freezer and it didnt take long to defrost..made lunch and it was a hit.. i was amazed at how great the lunchmeat came out after freezing it.
plus i love lunch and so do kids..its great that theres a little "snacky" i like to call it and a piece of fruit:)

Jen said...

I would love to hear more ideas of items that you buy in bulk and freeze. I grew up in a large family, so buying bread and freezing it seems natural, but I haven't thought of freezing cheese or lunchmeat.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm always trying to change up lunches and keep them healthy!
I'm having trouble w/the Randall's cheese deal? Is it a sticker coupon on the bag?

The Mom said...

It is a "peelie" on the bag. Yes a sticker.

Tammy said...

What is the cheese deal price at your store. Mine are priced $3.99. $2 for 10 cheese sticks after coupon. Not really a great price.

My son is 12 years old and takes his lunch everyday. I put $20 in his lunch account last year and he still hasn't used it once. He is 5'7'' tall, weighs 120lbs and plays football. Needless to say, he eats a whole sandwich, we alternate between PB & honey and turkey & cheese. He also takes 2 small Gatorades, a juicy, chips, grapes, and a snack bar. The juicy and snack bar he has after school before football practice if hungry. Sometimes the snack bar comes home and I just leave it in his lunch box.

Mach Momma said...

Will you fix me lunch?
BYT I feel like I know you too! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog

uglymuffin said...

Geez, your kids are eating better then I do for lunches. That's probably because I sleep in, make my own lunch, and have to book it to work. I like the idea of making Jello the night before, genius. And those sandwiches look great.

Andy and Jennifer Hess said...

Thanks for the tips! I have 4 kids and I pack their lunch 4 days a week. Can't wait to see all your other ideas. Thanks for the great tips!