Walmart trip saved $40.

Rain, rain go away...

Ran into Walmart to get bread and came out with this! Isn't that the way it usually goes? They also informed me that they will only be taking 1 internet printable coupon at a time and also told me that the Snow White printable coupons are fraudulent??? Anyone else heard this??

Air Wick Freshmatic were on roll back for $6. I used $4 off coupons.
Snuggle was $4.12 I used the $3 off. Could have bought the cheaper snuggle but this is the kind I like.
Pull Up wipes were $1.64 each I used a $2/2 printable
Bread was $1.89 I used a $1 off printable
Deli Chicken was $2.88 I used $1 off from a tear pad.
Avacado $.50 each price matched
Apples $1.52 lb.
Sara Lee Deli meat $3.88 used $3 off printable
Reeses Cups $.50 used $.55 off one
Milk on roll back for $1.99

My total before coupons was $72.80.
Total after coupons was $31.80

Saved $41!



Mary V said...

I used the snow white coupon at walmart without any problems, it scanned on the first try.

Hattie said...

I used the Snow White coupon yesterday w/ no problem. I was also told that about the one internet coupon per transaction because it says it on them under the consumer part. But had no problem w/ them letting me do multiple transactions!

Amy said...

I had a cashier the other day tell me that if a coupon says "one per purchase" they will no longer accept more than one at a time. I learned this on the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser BOGO coupons. They said that my transaction was a purchase and I was welcome to do more than one. Mine doesn't like to take printables anyway. They always act like they won't scan and talk to me like I'm a criminal or something. They're quickly losing my business.

Tracy said...

I used the Snow White coupons at Toys-R-Us without any problems. However, at Walmart tonight, my cashier told me that they do not accept printables. She said that she was only going to accept mine as a favor for me. I just said "Thank you."

Kirsty said...

I was told the same thing about internet printables. I went online and left a comment about my shopping experience (very pleasant, just informative) and the store manager called me that day and said their corporate policy hasn't changed. He also said they will retrain their front end staff...and, if in doubt, the store manager can clarify the corporate policy for any cashier if needs be.

sillysiller said...

I used to work for walmart and some store managers are unaware of the store policy. I had to print one out and take it to a new store manager to show her that you CAN use internet coupons. So to be safe, I would carry a printed copy of the store policy.
But they can usually fall back on, "every manager has a right to use his or her own judgement about policy" That happened to me at target, they would not take some coupons and gave me a hard time when usually I have no problem at target. Called the corporate office and was told I might want to reconsider using so many coupons. WHAT? Then they told me the manager has a right to refuse coupons. Oh well!!!!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

that is crazy to call the snow white fraudulant..I got mine directly from Disney???? I had no problem using mine at Krogers..Dinner and a Movie deal