Winner of the Zoobuh Family Membership!

The big kids had bad attitudes and decided they would rather watch T.V. ( Avatar the last air bender) then help clean up. Despite being asked nicely 5 times, then not asked nicely 8 times and finally yelled at, so I just sent them to bed. You would think the world was coming to an end, getting sent to bed 10 min. before bedtime anyway. Someone send me to bed, please!

This video is kinda funny, the 3 year old announced that Hannah Montana won...

Cancel that. Just as I was bragging about my new camera and video, I can't get it to upload. I have been trying for an hour and it seems like the file is too big? Only 52 seconds! Anyone have any experience with blogger, a mac and a Nikon??

And the winner is...

"I got my first email account at 23. I never really started using it though until I had a playgroup that set up playdates by email only. What a time saver!"

I don't have any contact info for you so email me! mylitter@mac.com

Stay tuned till tomorrow, the new giveaway is a lot of fun!


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