Zarafina Tea Maker Suite with Ceramic Tea Pots, Cups, and Serving Tray 77% off!

** Price has dropped again to $21.99!!

O.K. one more item from Amazon this morning... it's Sunday so I am just taking it easy and browsing for Christmas presents. I don't drink tea, but I have a Grandmother who does ALL DAY so I talked my Sister into splitting this with me for her ( thanks Anna!) It was priced at $149.99 and is now marked down to $34.73 and gets shipped FREE with supersaver. I wasn't sure what I was looking for in a tea maker so I had to go by the reviews on this one, 117 reviews and ALL VERY positive so I am going with it!

Click on the picture to take a look.



Electra said...

I can't see the photo that's supposed to be the link. Could you post the link as text, or maybe in the comments? The only ones I can find are a 21 dollar one with 24 dollars in shipping, or a 34 dollar one with 12 dollars shipping. Is the deal you got all gone?

Rita said...

I bought the 34 dollar one with the 12 shipping...I had a GC for doing surveys so turned it in as the reviews for this product seems really good and I love tea - thanks Tifany! I also did not see the free shipping one?

The Mom said...

Electra, I am sorry I have been away from the computer the direct link is


The free shipping was if you signed up for Amazons super saver shipping, you have to pay a flat fee for the entire year but you get free shipping on every order. Any purchase over $25 qualifies.

Sorry I did not explain that very well!! I apologize for any confusion, it looks like regular shipping is $12.

For all you tea drinkers is this a good set up??

ND Life said...

Any idea what I am doing wrong. My shipping comes to $71.00 (approx) because it doesn't come directly from Amazon. It shows the price has gone down to 21.99, could that make a difference? I have tried adding on additional stuff that gets up to $50 and even that doesn't work. I wouldn't even mind $12, but ????

The Mom said...

ND I have no idea what is wrong! No, the price shouldn't change the shipping price. I sent an email into amazon's help desk, I'll see what they say. $71 shipping???!!! Thats crazy!