Almay Clearance deal at Walgreens

At my Walgreens, the mascara was clearanced for $6.99. In the November monthly walgreens coupon book there was a $4 off any Almay mascara. I also had a $1 manufacturers coupon fro Almay.
Now normally, I think that $1.99 is too much to pay for mascara, but, these came with a little container of eye make up remover and I just happened to need some. So this was a case of I needed it now and I was going to pay a little more.
It just makes me giggle when I start thinking about $1.99 being too much for make-up!



Jenn said...

I'm the same way now! "$1.99 for mascara....hmm...?!" I saw a comment on another blog last week about a makeup deal that didn't go as planned but was still good. She said, "I'm just used to getting all my personal items for free!" Ha! It's the truth! :)

Savvy Chic Savings said...

Haha! Now, we know how we are about getting stuff FREE but I gotta tell ya, mascara is just one thing I can't give up yet... has to be Lancome Definicils! (I KNOW it's a fortune but since everything else is FREE... doesn't it even out?) LOL