Change in Target coupon policy... AGAIN!

Target Grocery Coupons

Wow, just when I thought I had really had it with Target, they go and cross the line completely. Not only have they already made it difficult to shop there with coupons and treat you horribly, they are constantly changing their policy's so that no person can actually know what the real policy is. 

Tara wrote today, "After just presenting a new version of their Low Price Promise last weekend, Target has already updated it again. Going forward Target coupons will be deducted before price matching. If the price in the competitor ad is still lower, then that price will be applied and any manufacturer’s coupons will be deducted. So basically Target store coupons can no longer be deducted after the price match is made.
It seems to me that if Target really wants to provide excellent customer service and give customers an incentive to shop their store over a competitor, they would offer us a true low price guarantee, including honoring store coupons. As far as I’m concerned, price matching at Target is already difficult enough. I’ll just take my business elsewhere."



Anonymous said...

So disappointed to hear about the change as SuperTarget as its right around the corner.. Ill take my business elsewhere as well....

Robyn said...

I agree, very disappointing, i was just starting to like shopping at target more frequently! bummer!

tmwash said...

We don't have a Target (yet) in our small town but we do have a Super Walmart that is fairly new. They seem to be pulling this with me every week. Changing the rules as we go along....I don't like it either. It's not fair.