An Early Thanksgiving with the Family!

Traditionally we always go camping over Thanksgiving, this year half are going and the other half are staying, so we decided to do Thanksgiving dinner tonight.
Since I am somewhat voyeuristic, I assume other people are too, and like to see what other people have to eat when people come over. If you are polite, and could care less, just skip this post!

Our family has gotten so big, 22 of us, there is no longer room to eat all together. Lately the adults have taken to eating in the living room and letting all the kids (11 of them) eat in the kitchen.
Less mess!


We have also had to go to buffet style to get everyone served.

My sister Whitney and her husband Maynor.

The 'older' girls!

Now, for the food.
Smoked turkey! The best kind!

Sweet potato casserole.

My Mom's cranberry salad. Cranberries crushed with orange and sugar. SOOOOO good!

Paul's cornbread and sausage stuffing, recipe below.

My sister made rolls. Kinda cute, they look like hearts!

Thank goodness for Welches coupons this year! We went through about 12 bottles!

Olive-cheese bread, recipe below.
If you are wondering where the mashed potato's are so were we....
The person who was supposed to make them, forgot! The nerve!

Oh and can you tell we all like pumpkin pie?
Just a little bit!

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!
Please be careful if you are traveling!



Tonia said...

We didn't think the rolls looked like hearts. We thought they looked more like cute little baby bottoms. Oh come on.....tell me you don't see it!

Anonymous said...

forgive me for asking, but are you or some of your family Mormon? I see some missionaries in one pic and was just curious! :)

The Mom said...

Anonymous- Yes, we sure are :)