Great savings at GAP online!

Discount codes for Gap.com
GAPSALE25= extra 25% off Sale priced items
CHEER= 15% your entire purchase
GIFT123= 25% off your entire purchase
FREE= Free ship on orders over $50
Here’s how to maximize savings:
Only buy sale priced items to your cart
Hit “Checkout”
First apply the discount code GAPSALE25
Then apply the discount code CHEER
then, if your order is large enough, apply the discount code FREE for free ship
Total Discount:  Over 36% off already sale priced merchandise!  



The Queen said...

You can use the 25% off sale items AND the 25% off your whole order, not just the 15% off the whole order!

Anonymous said...

The 15 and 25 percents are only off new items. I tried it and it didn't give it to me on the sale items. :(