How can I save money on Natural Products?

This is a great post by Saving With Shellie, I get asked this question all the time. It is the biggest misconception out there regarding coupons!
This week’s question comes from Sarah:
I see a lot of your posts correspond with coupons for processed and convenience foods like Pop Tarts, granola bars and frozen things. I try to feed my family fresh, all natural products. How can I save money on these kinds of things?
I understand that while many people appreciate the free granola bars and frozen veggies, other readers may not find these appealing. Natural and Organic coupons are becoming more prevalent. Here are some good sites you may want to bookmark.
Also, keep your eyes peeled. I’ve posted about BOGO egg coupons andproduce coupons and various milk coupons in the past. When you have the opportunity to print these, print as many as you can. See if you can match them with a good sale and freeze what you don’t use. I know you can’t freeze eggs but you can make up a bunch of waffles with them and freeze those. Then you have a quick easy breakfast that was made with healthy fresh ingredients.
Occassionally I find big money making opportunities like the Joint Juice promo a while ago. Take advantage of these. You may not drink Joint Juice but I bet you could donate it or give to a neighbor. Then you can use the profit you made from buying it to put towards fresh produce and meat or other products that are difficult to find on sale. Like the eggs above, if you can’t freeze the items, cook them into something that you can use and freeze it for later.
Finally, be sure you maximize your savings in other areas like toiletries. If you are getting your toothpaste, laundry detergent and shampoo on a deep discount, you’ll have more of your grocery budget to spend on the fresh natural products that are pricey.
It is possible to eat healthy, natural products on a budget. It may take some work on your part but you can save money doing so.


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