iphone apps for your holiday shopping!

Briana put together an amazing post on apps for your iphone for the holiday's. Now I just need to find a good deal on an iphone!

TGi Black Friday

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With TGi Black Friday, you browse the ads, check out the popular deals, search the ads for the lowest price, and even create your own list.
  • Black Friday Ads from popular retailers
  • Ability to email your shopping list or a specific deal to others
  • Compare prices across ads
Price: FREE

Picture 9$ Checkout allows you to figure out your final cost after all discounts are applied and tax is added. You can even set up a budget for your shopping. Handy for those get addition percent off items that are X percent off!
Simply shake to reset!
Price: FREE

Shop Amazon and compare straight from your iPhone with the Amazon App. I recently used this to save on a laptop cooling pad when shopping at Kohls. I compared the price at Amazon.com, found it to be lower, and ordered from Amazon while standing in Kohls. You can also take a picture of something you see while you are shopping, then send it to Amazon through the app to find that particular product or similar products.
Price: FREE


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Pocket Santa for iPhone will allows users to track holiday spending as well as keeping your holiday list in order. Track gift names, description, price, status, who will receive the gift, and much more.
Price: $2.99

Santa’s Little Helper

Picture 11You can download Santa’s Little Helper free for the first two gifts. If you like it, you can upgrade for $0.99. With this app, you have the ability not only to create gift lists for receipents but create groups to better organize your holiday giving. You can budget your spending with the tracker as well as email the list you’ve created.
Price: $0.99


shopsavvy 187x300 Save Money with Black Friday iPhone AppsShopSavvy also has recently released an iPhone version of their app. Compare prices by using the built in camera feature to take a picture of a product’s barcode. Once scanned, the ShopSavvy will search locally using your location and online for the best deal. You can watch the video review I did on the Android version last year.
Price: FREE


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