Price Matching at Target??

If you are planning on Price Matching at Target and have had problems read here... thanks DFC!
 For all of you who have ever had problems price matching and still using coupons at Target, well I've got some great news for you! Nicole wrote Target asking them for their policy and here's the email they wrote back!

Thanks for taking the time to ask us about using coupons with the Low Price Promise. We do accept the manufacturer and Target coupon to be used with the Low Price Promise Ad Match for a further price reduction. The coupon would need to be presented at time of check out at the register/POS and not given at the Guest Service counter. We look forward to showing you what's new at Target.

She also converted the email above into a PDF file 
HERE! This would be very helpful to print and take with you!

** Also, if you plan on price matching the caterpillar Leap Frog toy, they are requiring that you have the ORIGINAL print version of the add, not a copy.



susanmw1 said...

The toys r us ad came in my Friday Houston paper. Do you know if target will only match it starting at 3p.m.?

The Mom said...

Not sure....

Anonymous said...

Let me just say the people at Target were not happy that they had to sell me 2 of those worms for .49 each. I went with my Target Policy and took my laptop with the email attachment. She still called the home office...as I offered her my phone to make the call. She was surprised I had the number. She stated, "you don't really expect me to sell you this for .49 do you?" I said its not like you are doing me a favor...it is your store policy!!! What they tried to pull was telling me that they only had to reduce the price and not accept coupon. But she learned differently.

Kim said...

I tried this morning and got 'NO' at three different Targets. I just got off the phone with corporate and they told me they NEVER price matched with doorbusters. They must have had a lot of calls today because the CSR knew what ad I was talking about before I even told her!!!