I am super late on figuring this one out! I am sick at all the $$ I have missed by not participating with Swagbucks!

A good friend Becky S. told me about it last year but I didn't really 'get' it and didn't join.  I heard about it a few times more over the past year and finally in September joined... Since then I have won $40 in Amazon gift cards for Christmas by just doing a search using their search engine (which is Google and Ask.com).
Basically, you use it anytime you need to search the Internet. You have a chance each time to earn what they call Swag Bucks. You can use those  Swag Bucks for some cool prizes and even gift certificates. Some of the prizes are quite good and they are basically free.
The key is to search like you would any other search engine. Only search when you need to and sometimes a Swag Buck pops up and is added to your balance. Another way to earn is to shop at one of their sponsored merchants. The rate of Swag Bucks to real dollars varies by which merchant you shop at.
For every 45 Swagbucks you earn you get a $5 gift card at Amazon, I have picked Amazon so I could Christmas shop, you can choose almost any other store out there! I earn about 2-5 Swagbucks a day just doing the searches I normally would. 
Go HERE to take a look and sign up. If you sign up and use my name (mylitter) I get credit for that. Thanks!
Do you use Swagbucks?



Anonymous said...

I am not seeing where I enter your name for credit

The Mom said...

Thanks for asking, actually if you just click the link my name is embedded in it and it will automatically credit me! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ok...I did that

Electra said...

I use swagbucks, but not for any search I need reliable results on. It's absolutely full of sponsored searches, which I imagine is how they make their money, but it makes it really hard to find what I'm actually looking for.