Twilight Hardcover boxed set for only $41.50!

I was trying to hold out and not join the madness and NEVER read the Twilight books...
But then I went to San Francisco last week and needed something to read on the plane.
I searched the house last minute and dug through my son's room and the only thing I could find that I hadn't read was Twilight.
Sooooo, I hung my head and snuck it in my bag.
I read the ENTIRE thing on the way there.
I searched the airport on the way back and bought the second book to read on the flight home.
Then I made my husband watch the movie on Friday night.
After the movie I shamefully drove to Wal Mart in the middle of the night and bought the third book!
This Monday I bought the fourth book and finished it the next night!
I have done nothing but read those stupid books for a week straight!

At Amazon right now they have the boxed HARDBACK set for $41.50
Half off the cover price of $82!
Plus, it qualifies for free shipping.
Go HERE to take a look!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club! I have read them all twice, listened to the audio books in my car, and watched to movie a dozen times! Hard to explain...

Robyn said...

yeah, this is so how it happened to me! I swore they were stupid and I wouldn't read them, just couldn't stop! I hated the movie though, excited for new moon though it looks better! her book THE HOST is really good too, slow at first but i liked it more than the twilight series!

Briana said...

Yeah, my house and blog were neglected when I was reading the Twilight Series and the Sookie Stackhouse series! Loved the books.

My daughter cried when she read the last Twilight book and I asked her why and she said because its over and there are no more books. Now she reads them over and over again.

Mach Momma said...

So Sorry...
It's a hard thing to admit we've been beat
with a stupid romance series designed for teenagers!

Lelee said...

Tiffany, I am so glad you ditched the housework and read those books. The housework will wait ( I had the flu last week and my housework was waiting patiently when I was better : )


jennymartin116 said...

Yep--me too! I finished all 4 books in 6 days....my house was a disaster--the kids were dumbfounded--and I was so tired--but I loved it! I would read at stop lights, during my lunch hour, I was upset if I could not force myself to stay up! WOW--I so wish I could take that time again to read them once more.....