"We have peanut butter!"

This past week was this little girls birthday. She is my mini Martha Stewart.
I will spare you the entire birth story, but you aren't going to escape without a little of it : )
This was my best labor, not easiest but best. Maybe because I was becoming a 'professional' by the 4th or maybe it was just her! I was totally in the groove. I sat in the dark in the middle of the night in my office working quietly through each contraction. When they were about 3min apart I had my husband call the midwife and we met her at the birth center about 15min later. I labored for another few hours in a rocking chair and in the shower. Feeling just completely in control. It was really amazing. It was one of those life changing experiences where you feel like you are outside your body. I was totally in the zone.
But when it came time to push we started to have problems. I could not find a good position to get into so I ended up on my hands and knees. Her cord was wrapped so tightly around her neck and body it was impossible for the midwife to pull it off. They had to cut and clamp the cord before her head was completely out, which means the baby was not receiving anymore oxygen and she had to be born immediately. Before I knew what was happening the nurse and midwife had the baby born and whisked away for oxygen.
I had worked so hard for this perfect delivery I was stunned at the ending. But as soon as I saw that baby I was so madly in love that nothing else mattered.
I am so lucky to be her Mother. She is so talented and smart. She is such a bright spot in the day.
Tonight she went over to a friends house, she noticed a pile of coupons at this Woman's house. Avery asked the lady if she could have some coupons ( I am still horrified!)  and brought them home and spent the past hour cutting them out... she held up a coupon and said...
"We have peanut butter!"
Happy Birthday Baby!


Melissa said...

That is adorable!

Riahli said...

What a great story of your girls birth...It's amazing how when we see our baby's for the first time nothing else seems to matter...I like how every birth is something new, I had a home birth with my last and it was my favorite, even though the labor lasted much longer then with my son...I could have done with out that! :]

.:Anna:. said...

Aw Happy Birthday!

Tracy said...

This is such a sweet story. I have never met you, but I can tell that you are a wonderful mother.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday A-dawg!!!