Well that was easy.

Once again, I am late jumping on the wagon! Just like all the Swagbucks I have been missing, I never took the time to sign up for Shop at Home or Ebates. I finally did it today and am a little irritated with myself for not doing it sooner.

I signed up for both Shop at Home and Ebates today. It was painless. Then I thought I would try it out to see if it was worth it. Oh, by the way, when I signed up for both I got an instant $5. So I bought the little Police Bike in the post below ( SHHH! It is for my 3 year old from you know who!) First, I went to Shop at Home, then I typed in JCPenny, on the right side it said SHOP NOW. So I clicked that, and it took me to the JCPenny website where I typed Police Bike in the search and went from there. It worked perfectly and I could still use my promo code on top of the money Shop At Home is paying me back!

I shop online more and more lately. Saving every little bit helps, it takes a little while to add up but it does. In the past month alone I have gotten $25 in gift cards form Amazon. Not much in itself, but over 12mo.  that is $300. A good dent in Christmas money.

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