What is sitting in your garage?? Need extra Christmas Cash?

This is a stack of marble pieces that we have had sitting in our garage for a year. I sold it for $25 this weekend!

With our older kids gone camping this past week my husband and I found ourselves with time on our hands. What to do? Looks like it is time to clean out the garage! It was way past due to be done and I am really glad we did. I had not planned on anything more than walking room and wound up with Christmas cash! We had a pile that we hated to throw away, so last minute I took a few pictures and posted stuff on craigslist, $325 dollars later, my stuff is gone and I have a little more Christmas money! So this got my thinking... the next day I washed and put all of my daughters too small Gymboree collection on 13 different auctions on ebay. Already, with the auctions closing Monday I am looking at another $200.

What can you do for some additional Christmas Cash??

1. Craigslist - Craigslist is free to list anything and very easy to do so. I have always had good luck and have sold anything that I have listed. From baseball cards to kids clothes you can sell anything.

2.Sell your old electronics - Not only can you sell them but you can trade them in. At Swagbucks you can trade in your old cellphones for Swag cash, which can then be used to buy items or giftcards. If you’ve got an old MP3 player,cell phone or digital camera taking up space in your junk drawer, check out Gazelle.com. Enter a few details about your gadgets and instantly learn trade-in values. Gazelle.com pays for shipping and you’ll get your money in a week. For cell phones-only, try CellforCash.com. (Thanks Erin!)

3. Ebay - Just lilke craigslist you can list anything! I have listed electronics and clothing mostly. But was shocked one day when I listed an old pair of hair clippers that brought in $100! They do charge an insertion fee, but it is reasonable. Go HERE to check ebay out.

4. Sell back your old books. At Cash4Books.net just enter the ISBN number for each book you want to sell (check the back cover) to see how much each is worth. Textbooks, non-fiction and business books are most in demand. Get a check or deposit to your PayPal account in about a week. (Thanks Erin!)

5. Cash in at cash-back shopping sites. Online-only sales are rampant across the web this holiday season so why not make a few bucks while picking out gifts. Ebates gives you back a percentage of your purchase and is doubling cash back when you buy from select online retailers, including Walmart, The Body Shop and Victoria’s Secret. As an added bonus, new sign-ups get a $5 bonus. Two more cash-back sites are ShopAtHome and Cashbaq. (Thanks Erin!)

6. Sell back your gift cards. Gather up your used and unused gift cards (that you don’t plan to use) and sell them back at Swapagift.com or PlasticJungle.com.You’ll get back 60 percent or more of the card’s value. (Thanks Erin!)
7. Cash in your coins. If you’re like me, you’ve got a stash of coins somewhere in your house ready to be turned into bills, so take them to a Coinstar machine by December 6. Cash in $40 in coins and get $10 free by mail-in rebate. Get your money as a gift card (required for this offer) to avoid the coin-counting fee. (Thanks Erin!) Right now you can also choose the option of a $10 gift card from amazon when you cash in $40 at Coinstar.

8. Etsy - Unfortunatly I have spent more here than I will ever make :) But, if you are crafty you can post and sell your homemade items including baked goods. The insertion fees are reasonable and sales are pretty good. I have listed my silver jewelry here and have sold quite a few pieces. I like to shop here to support other small artists! Go HERE to take a look at Etsy!

What can you do for some additional Christmas Cash?


Anna said...

I should start drawing portraits or something. Who doesn't love extra Christmas cash???

Jeff said...

Always selling furniture and mattress stuff on Craigslist. Craigslist is my bread and butter.

Anonymous said...

What is your ebay name? Would love to look at the clothes for possible purchase. Thank you!

The Mom said...

It is Ivanovskyt

Thanks for asking :0

AddingOn said...

How about selling your gold, you know the tacky charms you have left over from high school, the earring that doesn't have a match, etc...

Casey (Cashbaq Team) said...

Thanks for helping spread the word about Cashbaq. I'm about 6 kids shy of a litter that big, and still take it upon myself to save every dollar I can around the holidays. Hopefully you'll continue to find great deals on our site and share them with your readers.

Casey (Cashbaq team)