5 Coupon Inserts this week!

This weekend there will be 5 coupon inserts in the Sunday paper! Look for 3 Smart Source and 2 Red Plum! If you want to take a look at what coupons will be offered you can take a look HERE.

I have been super slacking this December. I usually get behind during the Holiday's and don't get my coupons cut out. Honestly, it is nice to take a little bit of a break every now and then. But, I also need to get it back under control because we are getting low on my "staples" and I refuse to pay full price for anything.

Part of the reason that I love "couponing" is that I have such a stock of things that if I want to take a month off and only buy milk, bread and perishables, I can without it breaking my budget. I have a chance to use up many of the things in my "stockplie", thin it out a little, take a bit of an inventory and start again fresh.

Most of my coupons are expiring today. I am going to use this weekend to go through my binder and get rid of everything expired, trash all my inserts that are expired and that I haven't cut out yet, and really start over. This is really a great weekend to do it too because we are getting SO MANY coupons this week!

Where are you at with your organization? Did you take a break in December?


*Mandy said...

Oh I am def behind on my couponing. I had strep throat a few months ago and that's when I started getting behind. My poor husband one morning went to Books a million for me and got me like 6 papers. It was a big 5 insert weekend also. I think he said he cut line in front of lil old ladies. Poor thing I felt bad for him. But then he started to clip them for me. He didn't know my secret of taking all the pages and grouping them together so he was cutting them one at a time. I think he only did like 3 inserts. I finished the other 27 myself :)

Hattie said...

I plan on going through my binder tomorrow and cleaning it out to get ready for all the coupons this Sunday. I need to get me stockpile back up to where it used to be and I'm even thinking about buying a small freezer too. With four boys I think it's getting time to get one!!!

Jen said...

Cleaned the coupon organizer out yesterday. I really thought about running to the store to use some of my really good coupons and thought again. Love your blog.

Mary said...

When pregnancy insomnia hit last night I cleared out my binder at 3 am. Seems like there is not much left!

Tracy said...

I am so behind. I must be a perfectionist, because it takes me so long. However, I am starting to get over some of the embarrassment of carrying around the binder, and I have actually had a few people comment on how organized I was (they just don't know).

.:Anna:. said...

... yes... I am behind..