Check your boxes of cereal in the store!

Thanks to an email from Kathy,
"I was at my Super Walmart today and for every box of Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, etc. you got a free bowl.  I had just gotten my two boxes the night before --showed them the receipt and I was able to take home two new bowls for my girls."

Also, with the Kellogg's deal a few weeks ago I noticed on the Rice Krispies box were peelies for free marshmallow's (any brand) when you bought 2 boxes. I scored 5 free bags of mini marshmallows for rice krispie treats and hot chocolate!

Don't forget to look at your boxes in the store!



Katie said...

I have noticed that your posts look very similar to some other blogs. Upon closer inspection, wow, you are just copying and pasting other people's content. Yuck.

The Mom said...

Hi Katie, thanks for the sweet comment, that is why I don't moderate any comments I love hearing from readers.

I am not sure what posts you are talking about, if you would like to be more specific and not leave just general accusations that would be awesome!

Amanda Little said...

Hey Tiffany sweetie! Don't worry about ugly people like that, notice they don't have a blog??? They are usually jealous other bloggers. I read your site because it is the most original, and just like ALL other deal bloggers out there, if you get a deal tip from another blogger you always give thanks and leave a link. Keep blogging on, you rock girl!!

Tracy said...

I love this blog.