Favorite Christmas Photo's!

Sorry, you have to endure a post with family photos...

Christmas Eve we were getting ready to head out to look at lights when we had a major surprise, I actually screamed when I opened the door! It was SANTA!
What a blessing, we had not been able to see him at all this year and the kids had forgotten to mail their letters.

So Santa, asked them what they all wanted and relieved enormous stress from us...
Thank you, awesome neighbor!

Like a Christmas miracle the kids didn't wake up until 7:01am! What a blessing considering we were up until 3am!

Was there ever a happier 4 year old little girl on blue police bike?
I think not!
Thanks, JC Penny, um, er, I mean Santa for the sweet ride!

Does anyone else's living room look like this after Christmas morning???

I made cinnamon rolls the night before and let them rise in the fridge overnight, they turned out better than Cinnabon this time!

Paul made Miga's. Oh My Goodness! It was soooo good.
I will have to post the recipe sometime, it is a mexican breakfast dish that rocks!

To make the day anymore perfect, Paul and I actually got to take a nap and the kids played all afternoon until Christmas dinner at the Grandparents.
It was really a perfect day!

I hope you had a wonderful day! If you posted pictures of your family leave a link so we can take a look!


M and W said...

Glad to see you guys had an awesome Christmas!

Melissa said...

So glad you enjoyed your brood, but I'm jealous you got a nap! We put a few of our favorite pictures into a fun e-card and sent them to family and posted it to the blog, enjoy:

Brandette L said...

Please do post the Mexican Migas recipe. Sounds good and we would love to try it.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed seeing your pictures

Anonymous said...

The pics are great! I enjoy reading your blog.

Jen said...

Love seeing everyone's Christmas celebrations.

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Has anybody ever told you that you have adorable children? Don't tell the 12 year old I said that.