FREE Taco at Taco Bell!

Do you remember when they gave out free tacos on Halloween? My store was out and so they gave me one of these. I am totally addicted, and they are lower in fat than anything else! They are only giving out a million, so you might want to get one in the next few days! Print a coupon here for a free Fresco Taco at Taco Bell. No purchase necessary. Coupon expires 7 days after printing. 


Lanae said...

Hey Tiffany,
My cousin, Tiffany, sells Moby Wraps (and I LOVE mine!) It's the best thing on earth for moms who have little babies who just love to be held.
Tiffany's number is (801) 631-0614
Her blog is on my blog list (Tiff and Coby) and her e-mail is:
Good luck and hope you have a Merry Christmas! Lanae

Anonymous said...

Hi, what happpened to the Target information that was listed here just yesterday? for sales this week?

The Mom said...

I wasn't able to fix the links quick enough and wasn't on my own computer...
So instead of leaving them up with bad link I just deleted the post! I'll get it fixed, sorry about that!