Friday random musings!

Because it is Friday... and because I am stuck at work.... and because it is SNOWING in Houston, I am posting random nothing to do with couponing or deal ideas stories!

Seriously, it is freezing here. It has almost been snowing here all day and they almost cancelled school. I know all of you northern people are laughing and rolling your eyes st us but 40 degree weather and a little ice will shut the city down! Go HERE to see the drama!

Now, onto another thought. My friend Kelly bought a cheeseburger last year from McDonalds as an experiment to show her children. She still has it, in her pantry... click HERE to see her story, beware you might not eat at Fast Food again!

This Burger and Fries are 12mo. old!
Now, like Kelly points out, it is better to make your own food. What does this have to do couponing? I can bring anything back around to couponing :) We have eaten much more healthy since we have been using coupons. It is easy to do the opposite, there are always coupons for junk, just don't use them if you don't want the items. But, I have extra money to buy more organic and "fancy" gormet foods.
What do you think about eating healthy and couponing? Do you eat more at home or do you eat out a lot.


Hattie said...

I showed my 8 & 4 yr. old boys this post and their response was, "Gross!" But for some reason I seriously doubt that it sunk in! It was worth a try!

The Pie's said...

I still have a few of the cheeseburgers I bought last year too..only they are attached to my rump! Another reason to avoid such foods...too bad it tastes good.

Liz Jenkins said...

I always have a hard time with coupons precisely because we do eat healthy. It is really difficult to find coupons for things that don't have HFCS or processing or weird colors. That said, I have been able to, with work, save a bunch at Publix with buy one, get one deals and very often use coupons for things like paper products or cereal. I'm not surprised by the cheeseburger. We rarely eat at fast food - partly because of the health factor and partly because my 8 year old doesn't like meat or food that touches each other!

Maureen Light Photography said...

You have to rent the movie Super Size Me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1Lkyb6SU5U

ncbell240 said...

Well that is gross!! Unfortunately I didn't see this post until after I just ate all but three pieces of a Papa Johns LARGE pizza. It was thin crust with veggies on it!!! Does that count for anything??

Riahli said...

I like your Friday random musings. Very gross fast food story, I really dislike fast food and we rarely eat it...now I'm thinking never! I've started making just about everything from scratch...mostly because I have a kid with a lot of food sensitivities but also because I'm tired of all the gross stuff that gets added into prepared foods. When my kids are a bit older I need to remember this one to show them the same example...good experiment to do with kids! Then they can see and understand first hand how gross it is!!