John Freida only $.49 at Walgreens and more Theraflu!

As a former hair stylist I am really picky about hair care products. John Freida products are not too bad! Especially when they are really cheap at Walgreens!

Buy any John Freida Volume product for $5.99
Use the $2.50/1 printable coupon here
Use the 
$3/1 Walgreens coupon here
Only $0.49 after coupons!

I always hand over the manufacturers coupons first, than the Walgreens coupon, I have better luck that way!

Here's another Walgreens deal if you are headed over there!

There’s a new coupon available on Coupons.com that can help you get some better than free Theraflu this week at Walgreens. Just combine this coupon with a register reward promotion to get a good deal:
Buy two Theraflu products 2/$10
Use two 
$2/1 Theraflu printable coupons
$2/1 Walgreens store coupon from Healthy Savings Booklet (here is a picture of what it looks like, will deduct $4)
Pay $2 out of pocket and earn a $3 RR back ( Thanks Common Sense With Money)



Megan said...

I just ran to Walgreens and snagged both of these deals! My John Frieda shampoos and conditioners each had a trial size sample bonus attached which caused my coupons to beep, but the manager put them through with no issues!

amber rae said...

I ran out to get the John Frieda shampoo & conditioner, but my Walgreens had them for $6.99 :( But it was still a super steal!! Thanks.

Sonya said...

Great deal on the JF products. I am heading there in a few to pick up a few for extra stocking stuffers for my daughter. BUT, momma might end up with one in her stocking too. :)

Ashlei said...

Mine beeped too with the bonus gifts, and after a long explanation of Walgreens coupon policy and explaining simple math to the cashier and the manager, I finally got my deal! Couponing is hard work sometimes!!

Tanya said...

I had trouble with the Theraflu Wags coupon (after doing this deal so many times without any problem). It wouldn't go through - the system kept saying something about the coupon not found. The manager couldn't figure it out either (it was as if it had been taken out of the system although it says it is good until the 31st). Oh well....it's not as if I needed any more theraflu anyway :)

Anonymous said...

After reading this I knew to give the manufacturers coupon (for the John Freida) to the cashier to scan first. The cashier ignored it, grabbed the WG coupon and scanned it first. I told her it would beep if she did it in that order. She told me it wouldn't and that she knew what she was doing. Nope--it beeped. So she did it my/your way, and it worked. She was incredulous and asked how I knew how to do it. Too funny!

Thanks for all of the great deals you share!


Anonymous said...

Does Walgreens have a CVS type of card that we present to the cashier before cashing out?

The Mom said...

Anon... They do NOT have a card like CVS.

I am wondering if they might start that sometime this year. It would actually make it easier for them to keep tabs on the deals. Like I could go all week and do the RR deals. Where at CVS on the ECB deals I can only do them the card limit. The only good thing about Walgreens is that they don't have a card!