Kroger not doing e-coupons anymore?

A huge thank you to both Joy and Patti who emailed about recent changes at Kroger.
Joy was sent an email that Short Cuts and Kroger are no longer after 12/31.
Patti was sent the same thing with P&G Saver. It seems that Kroger isn't going to be doing e-coupons any longer. Does anyone else have additional information?
This is an email that was sent to Patti...

Dear Patti,

Beginning December 31, 2009, P&GeSAVER™ coupons can no longer be downloaded to your Kroger® Shopper's Card.

Please redeem all P&GeSAVER coupons you now have on your Kroger* Shopper's Card by December 31, 2009.

We value your loyalty to P&GeSAVER and are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

** Also, Shasta emailed and said her Kroger had a ton of mark downs in almost every department and that the make-up was clearanced.


Sunny said...

I'm sad to say that I received that same email today...looks like this in effective across the board for Kroger as I am in GA.

Joy said...

I went to Kroger yesterday with my list of items that I had downloaded to my card. I wanted to take advantage of the match up with paper coupons before I left town this weekend.
Anyway, ONLY TWO OF THE 13 MATCH UPS showed up on the register tape. I went to customer service and showed them I had just printed that list that morning and none of the savings came off. They went ahead and honored it even though it is not their program it was Shortcuts. So be warned and check your receipts and make sure the Shortcuts savings come off.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you say that Joy, the same thing happened to me TWICE. I didn't even think to tell Kroger about it. I just emailed Shortcuts and they gave me credit for the "next time" I make a purchase. I wonder now if I'll be able to use them.