Last minute Guy gift idea? PocketScan Plus Diagnostic Code Reader

PocketScan Plus Diagnostic Code Reader 

I am seriously considering getting this last minute for my husband. I am wondering if he would be really excited about it. I think he would!
Almost $100 off, it is marked down to $45 and it is in stock, so with Amazon Prime it would get here by Christmas.
It is one of those gadgets that hooks up to the car and reads the computer to tell you what is wrong with the car. It seems like we are always taking his car in and at $100 a pop to tell us what the problem is just by hooking it up to a machine.
Go HERE to take a look!



kari said...

I like the concept of this alot, husband travels 90 miles a day for work, so I think he would like it. What I can't figure out is if there is something else you need to buy to read the codes. Any insight?

The Mom said...


Good question, I went and read some more.... So once you do the scan and it gives you the codes they have an Online database that explains the code's causes, severity, and symptoms.

I ordered one for him. We have spent a bundle over the years on the stupid tests only to find out we could have fixed it ourselves, but needed to know why the light came on in the first place.

Heather said...

We have one that we bought at Harbor Freight-It is wonderful.My husband is our mechanic and you need this to turn off the check lights after you have fixed your problem.Looks like a good price!

Electra said...

It looks like a neat thing to get! Another tip though, for people who don't have them, is that AutoZone and other similar stores will often read your codes for you for free. It's a much cheaper first step than going to the dealership every time a light comes on, especially if your car is like mine, and flips an engine light every time the gas cap is a little loose. =)