Meijers free Ritz Crackers!

Do you have a Meijers nearby?

Thanks to Cori D. ( love your last name! my maiden name!) she is giving us a heads up on a really great deal!
"In Northern Kentucky this week, Kraft Cheese blocks and bags are on sale for 1.49 each, down 88 cents from normal. And if you buy 4, you get a free box of Ritz Crackers! I've still got two coupons from the Kraft dairy coupons offering last month, so I'm going to use them to get my four cheeses and box of crackers for four dollars. It's a great deal, especially in a week without very many grocery deals jumping out. =) Hope your Meijer has the same thing!"


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Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is super cute. I will definitely be back. :)