Obedient Children!

The other day we left to see a movie and left the kids babysitting during the day. We gave them specific instructions to NOT let ANYONE in the house for any reason, including their aunt Katie (my husband was trying to be funny!) and to not answer the phone unless it was us.

Well, my Mom stopped by to hang out with the grandkids...

This is the note they held up to the window as she was banging on the door for them to let her in!

You can stop by her blog HERE to read her account. She has a very cool picture of police dogs learning obedience and likened it unto her grandchildren.

This is what my Mom had to say, ( still stop over to her blog it is a cool picture!)

"Another example of self discipline and obedience. The other day the parents of all my grandchildren decided to see a matinee. Leaving the oldest three in charge of their younger siblings with strict instructions they headed to the movies. I was invited to go to the movies with them but at the last moment I decided it would be better to stay with the grandchildren. When I arrived, the doors were locked. I knocked. I knocked again. I heard them saying, "It's Grandma!"

There was a loud rapping on the window and when I turned to look I saw a note they were holding to the glass. It read, "Sorry, Grandma, the Parents told us not to open the door for Anyone. Love, the kids"

A call to the Parents and I was granted entrance. Sure, I was annoyed standing outside in the cold, but having obedient grandchildren is a wonderful thing. They were trusted with an important job and they showed they had the self discipline to do the job right. The little ones were all for opening the door, the older ones who had been entrusted and given instructions did not give in to the "temptation" even though they knew me best."



Liz said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job raising. I kinda feel bad for grandma though.

Jennifer said...

Now that is hilarious!! At least they were safe:)

Hattie said...

That is too funny!!!

Therese said...

That is so funny, I wish all kids were that obedient.