Slow posting!

I have been slow posting and not really doing any deal research the last few days. My kids are all home and I am spending all day with them. I will be back to regular all day long posting after this weekend! In fact, I didn't even sit down at my computer yesterday... yes, my hands were shaking and I had to breath into a brown paper bag a few times but at the end of the day it felt really good!

My husband and I went shopping today for a date and I didn't even look at the after Christmas sales. Take my temperature... I am not really in the mood. I know that will be changing though, I have not been to the grocery store in a week, and as soon as I walk out without having saved alteast 40%, my stomache will hurt and I will snap out of it!

I am working on a few new longer posts for Couponing 101, I have a coupon class coming up Jan 14th ( I believe, I have to reconfirm) in Conroe, TX and I am working on a data base of sorts for healthy eating coupons. So check back and have a wonderful New Year!!

P.S. I will still be posting every day just only a few things!


Shasta said...

As ironic as it may sound it is nice to see you take a "couponing vacation" sometimes they are necessary. Also I think its great that you can spend some time with the kids and hubby for a bit!

twanda said...

I just want to give you a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU, for all the great posts you have posted thru out the year....I have been slowly learning how to do this crazy couponing thing and I love it! I just want to tell you how stress free my Christmas gift giving to my grown adult children was. They loved the goodies I gave them by way of health and beauty products. I just went into my stash and went gift shopping for them all. They loved getting new razors, shaving cream, hair stuff, etc. I am so very thankful that you had posted all the good deals thru out the year. So thank you for making it all so easy and for your coaching in helping us learn this. Thanks again, Andrea

Anna said...

Ah! No posts!? I might need to borrow your paper bag...


Tanya said...

I think everyone understands completely! We all need a break from work and your kids and husband come first anyway! What you do here is GREATLY appreciated!