Band Aid's very cheap at many stores!

In the paper last Sunday, there were Band Aid brand coupons for $1 off 1. Sometimes these say excludes trial sizes. These coupons did not. So that gives you a lot of options! You can buy the small count, trial size Band Aid packages in the trail and travel section at Target, CVS and Walmart. These are about $.97 to $1.09, if it is under $1 they will have to price adjust the coupon.
Or, my favorite option. Go to Walmart and get the 20 count size box, usually the kids charactor kind for anywhere from $1.18 to $1.29 and pay just pennies for Band Aids!
If your kids are anything like mine we go through an obscene amount of Band Aids!

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Anonymous said...

cI have 4 kids and used to get so mad when they would use band-aids like stickers. Finally I gave in. On Valentines Day i give them each a box of his or her favorite character band-aids and a box of conversation hearts. They love it, it is somewhat usefull and it is cheap. With these coupons it will be even cheaper! Thanks