Coupon Binder Giveaway Winners!

I love giving away the coupon binders, they are so useful and just the amount of money that you can save having one feels so good! If you didn't win this time, check back next month, I am giving one away EVERY MONTH!

The best part is your comments! They kill me! You have such good ideas and great positive attitudes!

Emily B said...

I always make couponing look good when I have two crying kids in my cart that are also fighting and Im flopping my coupons on the ledge and they are falling allover the ground. Then come to find out half of them are expired! I am so good at couponing;))
I knew I could count on Nancy for some humor! 

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

How to make couponing look easy at the store:
Zebra 4" spiked heels, no, make that four. Fishnet stockings, and a very tight leopard skin short skirt. Skin tight, cut low blouse with my black demi bra. Hair to heaven, ratted, smeared mascara under my eyes, mullet...
Did you mean how to make myself look easy while couponing or did I misunderstand the question?

And finally, my very favorite! What an awesome wife!

Laura said...

I make couponing look good by shopping with my husband - he makes everything look good!
Now, finally the winners! We picked 2 because the first one Rush grabbed and it is a good friend here close by! So we grabbed another one to mail away! 

Sticky fingers and all...
Sylvia S.
I take my big purse. I stick my organizer inside and move the coupons I use to the front pocket so I'm ready at checkout. This is my attempt to be efficient and discreet and keep my coupons from being stolen.

Man, I could use an attractive and much more functional binder. What I'm doing now is not worth the time I spend on clipping those coupons. I have recently started filing my coupons in plastic sleeves. I should be binder empowered soon (it would just happen so much faster if I won) Come on kids!!! Choose me.

PS Mark told me to say that I wear my stillettos haahaa. I guess he hasn't noticed how I walk {and trip) in high heels!

Brandy Baker!
I believe I make couponing look so great thanks to the help of you and a few of my other fav blogs. I always seem to make the customers be hind me say WOW when my total goes from 100.00 down to 10.00 and also my current(smaller) binder is so organized thanks to you and your help.
Thank you as a single mother saving money to do stuff with the kids.

Thanks to everyone for entering, enter again next month!



Camille said...

I love you how are involving your children in the contest and they get to pick the winners.. I"m sure they think it's a ton of fun!!

betty said...

one every month?! you're on a mission to change the world! :) (you've changed mine!) love you lots!

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

That Nancy sure is funny! Too bad she's going to grow up someday and become Tiffany.

Thanks for the hygiene kit idea. I seriously ran out to the dollar store and spent $100. We made 15 kits and they are laying on my family room floor so that when my visiting teachers come over in an hour I look like a Relief Society Goddess!

But first I have to change my clothes. Looking for my zebra spikes, tight skirt and low cut blouse. I already have on my fishnets and demi bra. A girl has to be prepared for these things.

Check out my blog to see what you inspired me to do.