CVS Oust for FREE!

Here’s a great deal on Oust products at CVS. You could turn this into quite the money maker if you have multiple coupons.
2 Oust Products - $3.99 
-Use BOGO Oust coupon (SS 1/3) 
-Get $3 ECBs (Limit 3*)
Final Price = 2 for FREE (+ $2 possible overage)
*Note: The official limit is 3 and will be marked on the shelf. However, many are reporting the limit is actually 6. Thanks Shellie!



Electra said...

I went and did this deal last night, used two coupons and got four cans, for a 12 dollar ECB. Sweet! It was NOT, however, marked on the shelf, so I almost missed out! At my store, they were marked with stickers on the cans themselves, so that's something people might want to watch out for!

Anonymous said...

I went today and was able to use three of the coupons = 6 can and $18 in ECBS. With the ECB's I was then able to buy the new Cloudy with a Chance of MeatBalls for my son using the ECB's and dvd coupon my total was 30 cents.
Thanks for all the advice.

jennie said...

i am going toCVS this morn. I do not see this in the ad. This i a good deal. Thanks for the tip. I really enjoy this site. Thanks again will let yall know if I got the ecbs. Hope to get there before the artic front hits Houston. I dont like ice on the bridges or roads.

jennie said...

i did go to CVS today and I got 4 cans of Oust i paid 7.49. I got $9 ECB'S if i would have done it in two transations i might have got more. I am happy with the $9 ecb's thanks for the tip because they are not in the paper and no sign in store.