Food Storage Friday ( Just a heads up!)

On Friday's I want to start writing a new post specifically for food storage. If you have the opportunity to purchase this much extra food you need to know how to store it. Recently, I had a major run-in with those little food destroying moths. They have wrecked havoc on my dry goods! I don't want the same thing to happen to you! These are some topics I want to cover:

~ What is food storage?
~ Food Storage vs. Stockpiling vs. Hoarding
~ What to store?
~ How to store it?
~ How much do I need for my/your size family?
~ How long does it last.
~ Where to store it.
~ I need a buying plan...
~ How do I rotate my food?

If there is anything that you would like some information on or if you have any thing to add or offer please leave a comment. Do you have a system that works for you that you can share with us? I would love to have some guest posts.


Tanya N said...

Excellent! My biggest problem is with frozen goods - there is simply not much you can do about getting more space there (except buy more freezers!) but I also want to manage the dry goods better also. My oldest daughter went to college this past fall and her room became the resting place for toilet paper, kleenex and paper towels!

Linz said...

Hi Tiffany, did you happen to get my email?

Bummer on the moths, we got mice that loved Planter's trail mix in our food storage room in UT, I still have nightmares about that.

The book, "I Dare You to Eat It" is a great resource. It covers making meal plans that are monthly and buying towards that until you eventually have a years worth of FS.
We turned our dining room into a food storage room with heavy duty shelving. We keep an inventory of what we have and where (ie, buckets of wheat under the beds, canned tomatoes on third shelf fsr, etc) and the expiration dates so it gets used. We do this with toiletries also, but they don't used as quickly so we wind up having a two or three year supply rather than one.

Best of luck getting rid of the moths!

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Do you know if you can freeze Cream Cheese? I know you can shredded or blocked cheese. I am taking advantage of the Kroger sale and will be getting 4 things of Cream cheese- due to a coupon with the sale..but I just am not sure if i can freeze it.
Thanks.. I love the food storage idea. My family in Utah and a cousin here all do it. I am just starting :-)

bethf202 said...

Like Sunshine above, I would like to know what you can and can't freeze. Can you freeze buttermilk, ricotta cheese (I only use 1/2 a container for lasagna). I know there are other freezer items I have wondered about but that is all I can think of right now.

Robyn said...

sunshine, i freeze my cream cheese all the time. the better quality cream cheese seems to freezer better (in my experience) sometimes it gets grain-y after freezing (but it may depend on length of freezing)!

snbjork said...

I'm excited you're going to do this! I don't have any spectacular tips, unfortunately. But, something I'd love to see is ideas on how to store things in minimal space. Like if you have a small house or live in a small apartment. I want to learn how to store the food so everyone doesn't necessarily see it. Like thrifty yet attractive shelving ideas, etc.


Kristy said...

I really would love to know how to store pasta and also what freezes well thanks so much for all you do.

Kacey said...

A lot of people at church are caught up in having the shelf reliance stuff and the special buckets etc for storage. Is that necessary? Are there cheaper products that work just as well? I am a food storage newbie and so far I fit more in the stock piling category. I don't have a method and I don't have great organization so it is more frustrating than beneficial. I am really looking forward to these posts!
P.S. I would love to hear how you save money on diapers, formula, and baby food. I have four kids (two in diapers and one eating only formula/baby food). I feel like those three items eat up a HUGE part of my budget.