Kris in Myrtle Beach's Mega Event Trip

Thanks Kris for your email! 
I love to see how everyone else has done!

"These are my cell phone pics of my 1st and 3rd trip.  I got too much crap for taking picture #1, so I neglected picture #2, and said screw it and took picture #3.  LOL!"
$300 worth of stuff for $90 :) :) :)

Kris, I am afraid I am going to have to diagnose you with mega event sickness...
Symptoms include,
~Taking pictures of grocery store purchases to show your friends.
~ Ordering coupons from ebay for your favorite items.
~ Taking children to the store with you on purpose, so they can push a second cart.
~Hooking up the trailer because you are afraid the back of the suburban won't hold all the grocery bags.
~Begging your husband to print off coupons at work.
~Wearing your glasses for the first time since the last mega event so you don't miss any peelies.
~ Feeling like a rock star when the cashier calls over all his buddies to watch you check out because of how much you are saving!!

If you have any of these symptoms, please gather your coupons together and head out the door to your nearest Kroger or Kroger affiliate!


.:Anna:. said...

You people are sick, sick sick :)

and I loooove it!

I am so excited to go to Kroger's today!

kristen v. said...

i'm one of kris's best friends,and introduced me to couponing and this site, among others....i must admit i'm now addicted as well. :) she got some fantastic deals and i'm headed to kroger on monday to give my 1st mega sale a try. wish me luck. :)

kristen v. said...

i meant "she" introduced me....

Mandy said...

Tiffany I love your mega event sickness symptoms. :o) I to have BEGGED my hub to print off some coupons!!! Great job Kris!!!

Kris said...

Tiffany, had I known you were going to quote me, I would have come up with something better to say...and not used the word CRAP :P

~Taking pictures of grocery store purchases to show your friends <---only one I'm guilty of.....(so far). :D
So much to look forward to! lol

Good luck Kristen :) Can't wait to see YOUR pics!!

MyLitter said...

Kris, I should have asked you first! Sorry! I think it is hilarious the way you said it!

Anonymous said...

Do these Krogers deals apply at Frys? Not sure if the 2 are affialiated?