Mega Event Pictures!

We have our first pictures in from the Mega Event! My friend Shasta had a great trip!

"Hey there! When I went to your coupon class at your house you mentioned a good couponer can save over 50% and I though no not me..I will never get there. I did today! Yahoo 70% savings I started out at $198 then after coupons and the mega deal I got down to $61.00  We did have one "sacrifice" for the trip. Its the picture of the tortillas my two year olds wanted to knaw one something. Suprisingly he didn't break through the packaging. Oh also I don't know if all other Krogers do this but the one I went to did the following: Boxes of mac n cheese for $.50 cents each. I had a buy 3 get one 1 free coupon. They entered the free box mac n cheese at the regular price of $1.19 a box so I got 4 boxes of mac and cheese for $.31 cents (50 cents x3-freebie at 1.19). Wahoo!"

This is the best part! Can you see the teeth marks?? Hilarious! 



Tracy said...

Too Funny!

Tanya N said...

Check your receipts, folks! I already had an issue in which I didn't get credit for 10 items....I, of course, went back to the Customer Service desk and they told me that some of the cans of Pedigree dog food that I bought were not part of the deal. So I went to check on the aisle and they were ALL marked to be part of the sale.........so after showing them this, they did just give me the $5.00 credit (in cash).

I hate always having to double check everything. And I DO, BELIEVE ME, because I am always finding errors. The HEB meal deals are the worst about not being correct on your receipt.

susanmw1 said...

Sorry no pictures, but I just got back from my first Kroger run. I saved 60%. I needed 2 carts to get it to my car. I think I ended up paying 147, but saved like 226!!!!!!!! Not bad considering I bought 5 family packs of meat and lots of reduced bakery items! Now I will go back for more paper plates/cups and a few others!

Kris said...

I've made 3 trips to Kroger this week, and then a 4th trip to show my mom today how to "appreciate" this sale :) She's still not enticed enough to coupon...what's wrong with her?!? Anyway...in the 3 trips for me I got just over $300 worth for $90.xx :) LOOOOOVE the mega sale :)