More Kroger Match-ups!

My blogging friend Maryanne does a really nice job of match-ups on Mega Event items. Check out her list HERE through out the day.

Today I went through my list and Maryanne's. I wrote down what I wanted most, and checked my coupons. Because I have been buying fewer papers I didn't have the quantity of coupons that I normally do. So I went on Ebay and spent about $11 on coupons. I bought solo, dixie, hunts, gatorade, and quaker coupons. This will help me get my stockpile back up to what it was before Christmas. I figure that I will be saving over $100 with those coupons so it was worth it to me to buy them. You can also trade coupons with friends, if they need things you don't, and you can purchase coupons at different coupon clipper sites on the internet. You are not paying for the coupons themselves, but for the time it takes an individual to cut them out and mail them to you.

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