Walmart deals 88 items under $1, 5 FREE!

This is a huge list compiled by many different bloggers. I use it as a starting point for my grocery list when I go to Walmart. Remember, prices vary by region and also what your Walmart may carry in stock daily. Thanks to Kristin you can see the entire list HERE.

Ivory Soap
Retail: $1.07
Coupon: $1 from 12/27 P&G (exp 1/31)
Total: 7c

No Yolk Noodles
Retail: $1.25
Coupon: 75c printable
Total: 50c

Hartz Clean & Clear Cat Treats
Retail: $1.98
Coupon: $1.00/1 in 12/13 SS (exp 1/24)
Total: 98c

Hartz Crunch & Clean Dog Treats 
Retail: $3
Coupon: $2.00/1 in 12/13 SS (exp 1/24)
Total: $1
(Thanks For The Mommas!)

Glade Aerosol Spray
Retail: 97c
Total: 60c ea

Morton’s Season All
Retail: $1.36
Coupon: 60c printable
Total: 76c

Stayfree Pads (16 ct.)
Retail: $2
Total: $1
(Thanks NWA Deals)

Benefiber Flavor Sticks (located near the drink mixes)
Retail: $2.50
$2 printable
Total: 50c

Morton’s Fine Sea Salt 4.4 oz
Retail: $1
 50c printable (must register)
Total: 50c

Duck Brand EZ Start (22 yd) packing tape
Retail: $1.50
Coupon: $1 from 11/22 SS (exp 1/31/10)
Total: 50c

Goya Rice Mix
Retail: $1.19
$1/2 printable
Total: 69c ea

Retail: $1.25
55c printable
Total: 70c

Toll House Cookie Dough
Retail: $2.22
Coupon: $1.50 
printable (Look for New Recipes and Special Coupons on the left side)
Total: 72c

Duncan Hines Brownie Mix
Retail: $1
Coupon: 55c/2 from 10/11 SS (exp 1/31/10)
Total: 73c ea

Progresso Bread Crumbs (plain)
Retail: $1.24
Coupon: $1/2 
Total: 74c ea

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta 
Retail: $1.50
Coupon: 75c from 12/6 SS (exp 2/28/10)
Total: 75c

Coffee-Mate Creamer
Retail: $1.50
Coupon: $1/2 from 11/1 RP (exp 2/1/10)
Total: 75c

EPT Test (single pack)
Retail: $3.76
Coupon: $3 printable
 here (ff link) or $3/1 from 6/28 SS (exp 6/30/10)
Total: 76c or less

Morton’s Season All
Retail: $1.36
60c printable
Total: 76c


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