We got caught!

We got totally caught tonight eating at Which Wich for the second time in one day! My husband and little kids went for lunch, than I had planned on taking the big kids back for a snack after school. Of course it took us longer to get out of the house than planned and my husband had to pick up some suits in the mall so we decided to just eat dinner there.
My sister and her husband took my oldest 2 girls; I had an extra my niece, so we didn't all fit. The line was long again and it was crowded but I am so glad we went. I got to meet the most beautiful woman and her darling family! I am so embarrassed to say I can't remember her name! She recognized my kids from the blog and get this, she has a 4 year old and 3 year old TRIPLETS! I really don't know how you Mother's of multiples do it, I am so glad/lucky that mine have all come one at a time. I would be a mess with multiples! But she was calm, organized and her children behaved perfectly.
The girl at the register was the one who caught us. She commented, "we have had a lot of people here again for dinner!" Oh well, I am over it. I am a sucker for cheap food and not having to clean up dinner!


Heather said...

Tiffany!! Your post made me smile and to hear the kids were good made me laugh (you must not have seen our wild child under the table eating chips between our feet) GREAT to meet you - I am a loyal follower!! Keep kicking some serious butt at what you do.


The Lopez Family Blog said...

We went for lunch and dinner too! Good thing there was a different cashier there for dinner!