When NOT to play the "Name Game!"

Who remembers the name game? You know the little song you learn in school goes something llike this;


Shirley, Shirley
Bo, Birley
Banana, Fanna, Foe, Firley
Fee, Fie, Moe, Mirley

Then you take turns calling out all the kids in the class. Apparently, my 7 year old learned this fun little song right before the Christmas break. We were the lucky recipiants of hearing this little number everyday all day long. But wait, it gets better...

A week ago I had all the kids with me plus an extra little friend. I had to run errands and drove through the drive-thru at the bank. Being a nice day I had all 4 windows down on the suburban. When I pulled up the teller at the bank, an older woman about 60, saw all 7 kids in the car and commented on never having seen that many car seats in one vehicle. I smiled and nodded, dropped my check in the canister, and sent it off. All the while my 7 year old is belting out the banana fanna song. She is going through each child in the car....

Now, my oldest son's name is Tucker. I am sure with some imagination you can figure out what 4 letter word his name rhymes with.... got it? O.K. Now, my 7 year old gets to Tuckers name and starts singing at the top of her lungs. Tucker, Tucker bobucker, banana fanna fo *ucker... we all GASP! My older 2 know that is a bad word, the 7 year old does not. I quickly tell her to stop, she is confused, and starts all over again, only LOUDER. My older 2 are freaking out, I am trying to reach out the window and grab my cash telling her to stop at the same time. This time she gets to the offensive part and not only do all 7 of us in the car hear her loud and clear, but the nice teller lady and the man in the car next to us also hear her innocent foul song!

I looked at the teller and smiled, she looked at me and motioned to the 8 suckers she had put in the canister for me. "I put in 8 suckers, one for each of the children, and one for you. You look like you need it." The teller says.

And with that, I headed home to ruin my 7 year olds life by telling her she was saying a bad word and that her Father and I failed to consider the "Name Game" when we were naming our children.


Life at The Hadenfeldt's said...

Oh my goodness! That is funny. Your poor 7 year old and your poor son but, it makes a GREAT story ;)

Anna said...

Ah yes... the name game... haha..

SHe can just say, banana fana fo mucker or something... or bucker. YOu can twist it for his name.

Amanda Davis said...

Haha!! Poor thing!!! My brother and I said used "truck" as our word for that song and were singing it at the top of our lungs! Needless to say, my dad had to have a similar talk to us. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!! LOL I don't usually post but I had to in regards to this story... That would soooo be me with my youngest. He loves singing and he does at the top of his lungs most of the time. Thanks for the laugh... I needed it and I'm sure you need it to looking back on the situation.


Melissa said...

LOL - we had seriously considered Tucker for our first born son's name...then one day my husband says, "We CANNOT name our son Tucker, someone will call him *ucker!" I busted out laughing because we do not swear and there he was loud as can be and blushing. Bless your little ones heart, and her innocence.

babyyahyah said...

lol..thats hysterical. I was going to name one of my sons charlie but then i thought what if someone calls him chuck...and oh my chuck rhymes with that F word! what will happen if.... needless to say we didn't name him charlie.

tucker is a nice name though despite the bananna song

Camille said...

People are wondering why I'm laughing out loud at my desk... That is the funniest thing I've heard all day!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Okay.....hands down this beats when our son pulled the Stayfrees out of the shopping bag at the dry through window and very LOUDLY asked" What are these for?)

Too funny!

Jen said...

I laughed out loud when I read this. Too funny!

Ashlei said...

You had me laughing out loud! Hilarious! Glad you are posting those funnies for us to read on top of your deals!

Tanya said...


Boy, don't we all have those embarrassing stories of when our kids would so innocently say something that was rude or crude!

Along the lines of poor Tucker, I remember when my daughter kept substituting the "s" in sucker with an "f" (you do the math!)....and she would loudly proclaim in the candy aisle "I want a *ucker!"

And of course, I would think "over my dead body...."

And for some reason, both my girls were alway so good at pointing out - loudly so everyone around could hear - the ladies with moustaches.

Pam (meanestmother) said...

I also have 6 kids and babysit. Our van has looked like yours for years. My kids are now 10-28. We read this and were rolling histarically!! My kids are all emailing this to each other! Love it!