100 years of Scouting!

Last night we had the privilege of attending the 100 years of scouting celebration at Minute Maid Park ( where the Astros play for those of you not in TX!) we had been looking forward to going for a while. But, as things happen it was one of those night where the babysitter falls through, kids are a mess, the house is a disaster and things look like it would be better to just send the husband and stay home. 

Lucky for me, one of my little sisters decided she needed to do her laundry and it was easier at my house than the laundromat! So I had a sitter!

We knew it would be a neat experience but I honestly have to say we were completely blown away! I was stunned, again and again, when speaker after speaker got up to talk. I could have listened to any one of them all night, but the caliber of people was AMAZING!

Rick Perry - Eagle Scout, and Governor of Texas!
Kay Bailey Hutchison - U.S. Senator (running for Governor)
John Cornyn - Eagle Scout and U.S. Senator
Giff Nielsen - Eagle Scout, former pro-football player and TV personality
Mike Rowe - Eagle Scout and Discovery Channel star from Dirty Jobs
Leo K. Thorsness - Oldest living Eagle Scout and Medal of Honor Recipient
 Jim Lovell - Eagle Scout, Apollo 13 Commander ( "Houston, we have a problem")
Rex Tillerson - Eagle Scout and Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil
Drayton McLane - Houston Astros CEO (2 sons that are eagles)
Danny Olivas - NASA Astronaut and current cub scout master.
Joseph Csatari - The protégé of Norman Rockwell
Harry E. Bovay, Jr - Eagle Scout, 84 years of scouting experience, donated 25 million to scouts for Camp Bovay, right here by me!

I am forgetting many I am sure! As you can see it was crazy being so close and listing to these people talk about their scouting experiences in person. 

Did you know that of the 12 men to walk on the moon, 11 were scouts? 

It is truly am amazing program for boys and girls (I was an Explorer scout) that with the guidance of parents, makes these kids into the future leaders of this great Country! I am so thankful that we got to go, we tried to explain to my son that in our 34 years we had never seen or heard such a group of people, in person, at one time, in a single program! I hope he understands what a once in a lifetime experience it was!!



.:Anna:. said...

Probably the most fantastic evening ever.

M and W said...

So jealous! Scouting is such an awesome program,for boys and girls.

cora said...

I met you sister at Kroger in CC and she saw me using coupons a and gave me your card shes very cute and sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wow that list is amazing! What a great experience.

kim said...

thats a really nice pic of you all too with the fireworks in the background.

we have done cub scouts for 2 years now.

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

I think I may have been banned from scouts for life. I was released.

I didn't know anybody could be released. I thought everybody was a lifer.

I'm like a new kind of breed...